My Mother Is So Smart Mothers are so amazing is there anything they can t do This little boy s mom is so smart she can make the perfect Halloween costume drive a truck dress like a movie star dance the polka make popsi

  • Title: My Mother Is So Smart
  • Author: Tomie dePaola
  • ISBN: 9780399254420
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Mothers are so amazing is there anything they can t do This little boy s mom is so smart she can make the perfect Halloween costume, drive a truck, dress like a movie star, dance the polka, make popsicles, teach the whole neighborhood to sing and even stand on her head Through the heartfelt words of a little boy awed by all the things his mom can do, this glowing celebraMothers are so amazing is there anything they can t do This little boy s mom is so smart she can make the perfect Halloween costume, drive a truck, dress like a movie star, dance the polka, make popsicles, teach the whole neighborhood to sing and even stand on her head Through the heartfelt words of a little boy awed by all the things his mom can do, this glowing celebration of mothers has a universal appeal that will make young readers everywhere want to share it with their own moms.

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    1. Tomie dePaola says:

      Tomie dePaola pronounced Tommy da POW la is best known for his books for children.He s been published for 40 years and has written and or illustrated over 200 books, including 26 Fairmount Avenue, Strega Nona, and Meet the Barkers.Tomie dePaola and his work have been recognized with the Caldecott Honor Award, the Newbery Honor Award and the New Hampshire Governor s Arts Award of Living Treasure.He lives in New London, New Hampshire with his new Airedale dog, Bront.

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    1. Finally read this. Although it was quite a small read, I had postponed this one for later.:)But reading it filled me with gratitude. Good job by the author in bringing out how every child's first superhero is a Mom.

    2. I loved this one! *grin* Besides going on and on about how wonderful this kid's mom is, this book also shows that mom's have many abilities, not just telling you what to do! It gives a new appreciation to your children on the job you do, and if they aren't telling you how wonderful you are by the time you're done reading the book, you're reading it wrong. Great book!

    3. What? You think I picked this out at the library? Well, you might be right. I figured my kids could use some propaganda.

    4. The brilliant Tomie dePaola sends a Mothers Day present to his ma. Also to me, and to my ma, and my friends and all the moms I know. The mother in this book gazes with wise calm eyes at her boy, demonstrates the art of Popsicle making to the reader with the gravitas of a CNN anchor, drives a truck, and conducts the neighborhood children in "Row, row, row your boat". Tomie's usual strong pastels keep the mood light and his thick, rounded shapes reinforce the sense of stability imparted by the tid [...]

    5. My Mother Is So Smart is about a young boy who is describing all of the amazing things that his mother can do. He mentions the way she makes cookies, how she can drive an old delivery truck, her ability to look like a movie star when her and his dad go out, and even how she can stand on her head. This young boy is proud of everything his mom can do and believes that she knows everything because she is so smart. This story is told from the perspective of a little boy. The words are very simple. T [...]

    6. Told with all of the tenderhearted love that Tomie dePaola has for his mother, this book truly shines in every way. I love the way that Tomie dePaola grants us access to the richness of his life in the pages of this story, inviting readers to share in the simple, beautiful moments that comprise his legendary childhood. All through the book, the loving things that Tomie's mother does for her son will resonate with young readers everywhere. At its heart, My Mother Is So Smart! is a love ballad to [...]

    7. My Mother is so Smart is a picture book, written by Tommy dePaola. The target audience is nursery level (N). The book captures all the amazing things a Mom does and portrays her as a hero to her little boy. The book captures the admiration and love the boy has for his Mom. The pages and illustrations are colorful and the language is appropriate for very young children. The story would appeal to a child that is from a "traditional" family where there is a Mom and a Dad. A child that does not live [...]

    8. If only we parents could be as smart as this little boy believes his mother is. She is perfect, she knows when she needs to take care of his needs. How to teach his friends to draw their initial in the air with sparklers on the 4th of July. She even how to dress up like a movie star when she is going out for the evening. This young boy has a very special mom and he seems to appreciate everything that she does for him. Obviously, this is a children’s book – but I do wish that Tomie Depaola wo [...]

    9. Only because it is Tomie could he get away with such a simple tribute to his mother. I'm moving it up a star because of the jacket flap which makes it a great example of personal narrative. The jacket flap would allow teachers to talk to students about whether this is an example of memoir. When I teach memoir I feel it has to have a "reflective piece" so I'm not sure I'd move this from personal narrative to memoir. The repeated line of the title might make it a good mentor text for beginning wri [...]

    10. I chose to read this book because I knew I was going to connect with it just by reading the title. I feel like just about any young kid feels very proud and admires their mother. The book gives you many examples of why he thinks his mom is smart and maybe children reading it can find at least one thing they feel the same about. One activity that can go along with this book is have the children make a book about the things that makes their mother (or anyone they want) smart or unique.

    11. This is a cute book. The little boy knows that his mother is so smart. She knows everything and can even stand on her head. This book made me think about how I think of my mother. I always thought she was the smartest and the best. She knew everything and was the smartest! All kids love their moms and we all know that our mom is so smart and the best. It's true mothers are a special bred and they are very smart.

    12. This sweet book celebrates one mother, who is so smart she can make popsicles, dance the polka, and knows just where her son will be. Tomie dePoala can do no wrong in my mind: his illustrations are beautiful and touching. My only complaint is that other mothers might not live up to the incredible lady in this book - my mom certainly can't stand on her head! - though truly this is a celebration of all the wondrous talents that mothers have.

    13. 2.5 - I agree with a friend of mine who also reviewed the book when she mentions the ending. It sucked. The beginning and middle of the book is really cute, identifiable by any child I would hope, and really shows the pride a child can have in his or her Mother. And then the end came. I'm not sure if the authors Mother used to stand around on her head a lot or if the author just drew a blank and couldn't come up with an ending. Either way, this ending sucked.

    14. Mothers are good for lots of things. They can sometimes make something out of nothing, and sometimes nothing out of something. dePaola's colors are soft and pale, yet there is added splashes of color throughout the story. I am disappointed that the story ends kind of abruptly, but kids will think of their own moms when being read this story.

    15. I really like Tomie dePaola and the stories he comes up with. I love that he has a common theme of family. I found this book precious in the way the young boy talks about how smart his mother is. This isn't the best dePaola book in my opinion, but it is still something that would be worth purchasing for my classroom.

    16. I love how this little boy thinks so highly of his mother. He thinks of all her actions as amazing acts which make his mother very smart. I think this would be a great read for a kindergarten class. Students may relate their mothers to some of the motherly actions in the book. I would read this during a family unit.

    17. I enjoyed this cute story until the very end as it was a special tribute to the author's smart mother. But my overall like of this book was ruined at the end because the last few sentences ended the story so abruptly (and a little too silly/stupidly) it made the book end for me on a bad note. I was expecting it to end on a sweeter note, but sadly it did not.

    18. I heard so much about Tomie DePaola books on last weeks voicethread, I just had to read one. This book is so cute, especially from a mother's perspective. Tomie pays tribute to his mother through the simple lines and simple pictures in this book. He even uses some true stories about his mother.Copyright 2010

    19. This boy thinks his mother is so smart, but the truth is that most of the smart stuff she does is just loving and taking care of her child. I love the way he thinks she is smart though because most children think their mommy has all the answers, knows everything, and can do no wrong. Thats a good feeling as a mom but also a huge responsibility.

    20. A young boy shares all the things that makes his mom so smart. For example, she teaches him how to do the polka, makes the best cookies, and she can drive grandpa's old truck.I read this book at wegivebooks

    21. A heartfelt tribute to his Mom, this is a fun book that gives just a small glimpse at all the great things that Moms do. Our girls really enjoyed this book and wanted to know if I could stand on my head, too. (Of course I can!)

    22. I love that this is one of the first books my son picked out of the current batch from the library to read :) It's a beautiful list of how mothers and their kids love each other.

    23. How one boy sees his mother is how most of do, the special person in our lives that did so many things so well, yes my mother is so smart too. Read on We Give Books 4/12.

    24. Reflections on things Tomie dePaola's mother did that he thought were so wonderful, including standing on her head! :)

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