The Annotated Innocence of Father Brown To millions of readers G K Chesterton will remain above all else the creator of Father Brown that innocent wise self effacing sometimes scandalous priest cum detective Father Brown the second

  • Title: The Annotated Innocence of Father Brown
  • Author: G.K. Chesterton
  • ISBN: 9780192821645
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Paperback
  • To millions of readers, G.K Chesterton will remain, above all else, the creator of Father Brown, that innocent, wise, self effacing, sometimes scandalous priest cum detective Father Brown, the second most famous mystery solver in English literature, has always had a devoted following, not just in England, but throughout the world The first collection of Father Brown stoTo millions of readers, G.K Chesterton will remain, above all else, the creator of Father Brown, that innocent, wise, self effacing, sometimes scandalous priest cum detective Father Brown, the second most famous mystery solver in English literature, has always had a devoted following, not just in England, but throughout the world The first collection of Father Brown stories to be published and generally considered the best, The Innocence of Father Brown displays some of G.K Chesterton s wittiest, most compelling, and original writing, containing marvelous descriptive scenes of both nature and city life, a dry humor, and, above all, deeply perceptive philosophical reflections Martin Gardner has chosen the first British edition published in 1911 as the basis for this annotated volume He includes notes that provide both background details about England at the turn of the century and textual variations, as well as a substantial Introduction and full bibliography The Annotated Innocence of Father Brown will be an indispensable companion volume for Chesterton enthusiasts and a perfect introduction for newcomers to his work.

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    1. G.K. Chesterton says:

      Gilbert Keith Chesterton 1874 1936 was born in London, educated at St Paul s, and went to art school at University College London In 1900, he was asked to contribute a few magazine articles on art criticism, and went on to become one of the most prolific writers of all time He wrote a hundred books, contributions to 200 , hundreds of poems, including the epic Ballad of the White Horse, five plays, five novels, and some two hundred short stories, including a popular series featuring the priest detective, Father Brown In spite of his literary accomplishments, he considered himself primarily a journalist He wrote over 4000 newspaper essays, including 30 years worth of weekly columns for the Illustrated London News, and 13 years of weekly columns for the Daily News He also edited his own newspaper, G.K s Weekly.Chesterton was equally at ease with literary and social criticism, history, politics, economics, philosophy, and theology.

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    1. Chesterton was a contemporary of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; and though he created his principal fictional sleuth, Father Brown, after Doyle had written the bulk of the Holmes canon, he can also claim a formative role (though not nearly so important as Doyle's) in the shaping of the genre. Father Brown is the first --but not the last!-- in a tradition of men and women of the cloth who solve traditional mysteries, the lineal ancestor of such figures as Father Dowling and Brother Cadfael, and the firs [...]

    2. Chesterton is perhaps best known for his Father Brown stories, so I was deeply disappointed to find that they represent him at his preachy, intolerant worst. If I’d started here, instead of with the wonderfully weird and delightfully dark The Man Who Was Thursday and The Napoleon of Notting Hill, I would have had no desire to pick up anything by Chesterton again. All of these stories seem to revolve around the irritatingly smug Father Brown proving that some type of non-Christian is wrong wron [...]

    3. ইংরেজী সাহিত্য পৃথিবীকে অসামান্য কিছু গোয়েন্দা চরিত্র উপহার দিয়েছে। সেই ১৭৫ বছর আগে এডগার অ্যালান পো’র হাত ধরে এলো প্রথম আধুনিক গোয়েন্দা চরিত্র সি অগাস্তে দুপ্যাঁ (দি মার্ডারস ইন দ্যা রু ম [...]

    4. Reading this reminded me all over again why I hate the Agatha Christie style of whodunnit where people commit bizarrely complicated murders for equally bizarre reasons. Let's take the second story in the collection.M. Valentin is the Chief of Police and also an atheist. He hears a rumor that an American millionaire is going to donate his fortune to the Church of France. Since he is a rabid atheist he sets out to murder the man before he can amend his will. Let's pass over that central absurdity [...]

    5. If you haven't come across the Father Brown stories (I'm surprised how few reviews there are), then they are worth reading. G.K. Chesterton is much more entertaining than your average Christian apologist, and if only the basic assumption of these books actually were true then I would feel a lot more sympathetic towards the Christian Church.Chesterton doesn't just want to convince you that Christianity is different from superstition; in his universe, it's the opposite of superstition! The idea in [...]

    6. I had watched and loved the 2013 BBC adaptation of the Father Brown stories. Since then, I have wanted to read these books. In the first book of the collection, The Innocence of Father Brown, we are introduced to the dumpy, bigoted, narrow-minded, but ultimately smart priest, who goes around solving mysteries that flummoxes everyone else. We are also introduced to the master thief, Flambeau, who is a reformed criminal, and now helps the good Father in his crime solving.I loved these stories. The [...]

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    8. I have, at this point, gone through the first nine of this collection of twelve stories, and I am now fully convinced that Chesterton was not only a man of a brilliant mind, but of a very singular mind. His paradox is well known, his way of looking at things in an entirely novel light, his self-deprecation, his humor and wit and sheer genius are all legendary, but these stories are a glimpse into the workings of his mind when he decided to amuse himself with a train of thought, and are fascinati [...]

    9. Good, but not as good as I hoped/expected. While the Father Brown short stories are in one sense classic detective tales, they focus on the preternatural ability of the diminutive cleric to pull solutions out of (apparently) thin air. Since the reader is not given enough background to even make faulty conjectures, the fun is diminished.The title character is a winning one, though I found myself substituting Alex Guinness' image (who played the good father in an early movie adaptation) for that i [...]

    10. Oh, Gilbert Keith, I adore you and you are wonderful.I read this collection of short stories in between deadlines, a story or two at a time first thing in the morning to help myself wake up. As far as I am concerned, a Father Brown short story is a perfect amuse bouche for the mental faculties. I guessed almost all of the answers before the big reveals, and many of them were ludicrously far-fetched, but that doesn't matter. That wasn't why I was reading it.Father Brown is a fantastic main charac [...]

    11. Somewhere between Sherlock Holmes and television's MONK, Father Brown may be better than both. A bumbling, unimpressive priest who nevertheless uses insights gained in the confessional booth to solve the most intricate criminal mysteries---these stories are a lot of fun. And they have an added appeal because of the way this unusual detective points the criminals to the cross and if they do not repent entirely, he can often secure at least a confession and a return of the stolen loot. And, being [...]

    12. Cuando compré este libro, recomendado por Juan Mari, he de reconocer que lo hice sin muchas perspectivas de empezarlo en breve. Había intentado leer una biografía de S. Francisco de Asis del mismo autor, sin superar la página 10. Sin embargo, he de reconocer que me ha encantado. Me parece un libro muy ameno, inteligente, muy bien escrito, donde se mezclan historias muy sencillas con mensajes más de fondo. Parece que el autor fue publicando las distintas historias del sagaz padre Brown y su [...]

    13. Love, love, love the Father Brown mysteries. I'd heard most of these before, but it was nice to read them all in order, and there were a few new ones as well. Flambeau is awesome. It was cool to watch how he changed through the various stories (though I do rather like him as a thief and a rogue as well) and Father Brown's rebellious innocence makes for a very refreshing read. Of course, there is also the fantastic prose that gives every story an odd and slightly overblown sense of belonging in a [...]

    14. The Innocence of Father Brown, published in 1911, brings together the first twelve adventures of this character, a Catholic priest from Essex but at exercise in London, down, always in a cassock, wearing a large umbrella and a disconcerting insight about human wickedness.After this volume, the following: The Wisdom of Father Brown (1914), The Incredulity of Father Brown (1926), The Secret of Father Brown (1927) and The Scandal of Father Brown (1935).Contrary to Sherlock Holmes, the methods of Fa [...]

    15. Ah, Father Brown. I do like him. Even though some of the stories are far-fetched (and that is putting it nicely), I enjoy them. I like Father Brown's perspective and philosophy. There is a lot of humour in the stories, mainly based on very perceptive observations of life, which adds to their enjoyability.

    16. I enjoyed these short story mysteries all solved by Father Brown! He's a quiet, unassuming priest who observes everything and puts it all together to solve the mystery. He reminds me a little bit of Miss Marple ;)

    17. After finishing the first story in this book, I had high hopes that, like Maurice Leblanc's Arsene Lupin, Chesterton's Father Brown would be another wonderful Project Gutenberg find for me. I enjoyed the reveal at the end of the first story, when Father Brown proved himself to be less naive then he appeared and explained the reason behind all the strange things he'd done and the actions he'd taken to protect the sapphire cross he carried. When Valentin, head of the Paris police and “the most f [...]

    18. I don’t usually like short story anthologies, but I made an exception for The Innocence of Father Brown because of Gilbert Keith Chesterton and his friendship with C.S. Lewis and other scholars/authors of the era. I also like the fact that there is a recurring cast of characters in most of the stories in this collection, so I didn’t feel short-changed when I finished each story. They became more like television episodes of a favorite mystery series. The prose can be a little dense at times, [...]

    19. Really awful Christian propaganda posing as murder mysteries. I was poised to like Chesterton, based solely on a few of his quotes I’d stumbled upon and Neil Gaiman’s good opinion. It’s true that the mysteries themselves are quite interesting. Unfortunately, Chesterton has a narrowness of view. In the first story of the collection, the clever police chief Valentin is the main character. I quite liked him, and looked forward to more interactions between him (an atheist) and Father Brown (a [...]

    20. I quite enjoy Father Brown stories. I began reading them a couple years agoI wanted to get a hold of The Man Who Was Thursdaye I had found it somewhere. In writing each story, the writer inevitably comes by the personage of Father Brown as almost of a side-note, and each story he is introduced again as if it didn't matter that the entire volume of stories were his stories. G.K Chesterton writes very colorfully, in rainbows and spirals, populating his stories with color, extreme weather and lands [...]

    21. Okay, so confession time (see what I did there? Didja? Didja?)I picked up an abridged version of The Innocence of Father Brown, published by Maple Press, on a whim. Two whims, actually. I liked its cover, which had this cartoonish figure in a brown coat and a light brown hat and a big fecking magnifying glass glued to his eye, and I liked its title and blurb. Now before any of you go chastising me over my faux-pas, allow me to state that I always judge a book by its cover (and judge it more for [...]

    22. I was introduced to Father Brown by my grandfather. I was maybe 13 or so when he wrote to me in a letter, "I know you love Sherlock Holmes. You should try finding out if your library has the Father Brown detective stories by G.K. Chesterton."I looked, but in vain.It was years before i got the complete Father Brown stories as a gift from a friend who knew how much i wanted to get acquainted with this little priest who has often been dubbed as the second greatest fictional detective in the world.T [...]

    23. Esta edição contém seis agradáveis contos, protagonizados por este original personagem Padre Brown:A Cruz AzulO Jardim SecretoOs Pés EnigmáticosAs Estrelas FugidiasO Homem InvisívelA Honra de Israel GowA leitura destas histórias foi uma experiência bastante positiva. A forma como o autor escreve é muito agradável, e para estes contos, criou cenários bastante interessantes, na sua maioria muito originais, e que prenderam desde cedo o meu interesse. Algumas das histórias são melhor c [...]

    24. Because the first G.K. Chesterton story I had ever read -- many years ago -- was "The Blue Cross," the story that opens The Innocence of Father Brown, I have been consciously avoiding the Father brown stories and reading just about everything else by GKC that I could lay my hands on. Was it that I didn't like the story? Not at all! It was just that I was saving it for another occasion. Well, that occasion arose this week.There is a strange disconnect between the characters in the Father Brown my [...]

    25. Father Brown, being a short Catholic priest is the second most harmless detective after Miss Marple by Agatha Christie. This is a collection of first short stories of his investigations. While some of the situations are slightly artificial, I still like the ingenuity of some of his adversaries (Flambeau, first and foremost). Another thing of note: most of the stories end with revealing of villain's identity without telling about his/her capture. If fact, in a couple of stories the bad guys defin [...]

    26. "He thought his detective brain as good as the criminal's, which was true. But he fully realised the disadvantage. "The criminal is the creative artist; the detective only the critic," he said with a sour smile, and lifted his coffee cup to his lips slowly, and put it down very quickly. He had put salt in it.” "Humility is the mother of giants. One sees great things from the valley; only small things from the peak.”*Project Gutenberg*

    27. This is my first reading of Chesterton's series based on Father Brown stories and I really liked it.Free download is available at Gutenberg Project.

    28. Τον αποκάλεσαν συγγραφέα του παράδοξου και της ανατροπής. Υποθέτω πως οι περισσότεροι σύγχρονοι του και δη οι βολεμένοι σε συγκεκριμένες τάξεις, το έκαναν από αμηχανία. Ίσως κάποιοι να τον συμπαθούσαν κιόλας, ή να φοβόντουσαν να του αποδώσουν την τιμή της κατακραυγής και ά [...]

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