Threads Nonie Edie and Jenny are best friends with very individual tastes But when the three friends meet a young African refugee called Crow sketching a dress at the Victoria and Albert Museum they discov

  • Title: Threads
  • Author: Sophia Bennett
  • ISBN: 9781905294985
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nonie, Edie and Jenny are best friends with very individual tastes But when the three friends meet a young African refugee called Crow, sketching a dress at the Victoria and Albert Museum, they discover a common passion and somehow find a way to make all of their dreams come true.

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    1. Sophia Bennett says:

      My name s Sophia, and I write about girls discovering their inner power Sometimes they re fashion designers, sometimes they re would be pop stars and sometimes they re spies They re always a lot braver than they know, and I love it when they finally figure that out.Since I won the Times Chicken House competition in 2009 my books have been published around the world, from Germany to Brazil and Japan When I m not writing them, I tend to be at home in London with my family, or travelling around the place, talking about writing More about that here This year I m a visiting lecturer in writing for children at City University and City Lit, too.I like to think of my stories as glittery urban realism Sparkly on top, serious underneath I possibly spend too much time wondering what it s really like to be a designer, or a model, or a reality TV reject, or to accidentally stow away on a superyacht, end up on a billionaire s private island and try to save a whole country from an evil dictator Luckily, that s my job.Occasionally, people ask me what my advice would be to aspiring writers Check out my writing tips page, on my website Write every day, and rewrite even Follow your heart.

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    1. This book simply AMAZED ME. It made me laugh, feel sad, feel compassionate, etc. I just love it when a book does that! That's what makes me gush about it, as I'm just about to do!The characters were very cute! All of them; Nonie, Edie, Jenny and Crow, Especially crow, because of how she was capable of making such delicate dresses and clothes with her own hands *sighs* (I can sew but that's about it). Let's carry on in deeper detail shall we? ;)Nonie: Pro's: The narrator. She is kind of her own p [...]

    2. ThreadsSophia Bennett. Chicken HouseThreads is one of the most beautiful, fun and creative books I’ve ever read. It’s one of those books that you just have to have on the shelf, in easy reach for regular reading. Beautifully and wittily told with vibrant characters that jump out from the page and twirl you around, those that love the crazy world of fashion and even those that don’t will really enjoy this fantastic story, I know I did. Nonie, Edie and Jenny are best friends, normal teenager [...]

    3. I picked this book up 80% for the blurb and 20% for the pretty cover. 100% worth it if you picked it up for either.The book is so much more than just the pretty dress on the cover representing the 'fashion' aspect of it. There's friendship, saving the world (well, starting out with campaigns to build schools in Uganda) Nonnie's cool sense of fashion and her perfect narrative.

    4. This has been one of my favourite books since I was 12, and I'm home from uni for easter and I decided to read this as a nice little study break and I still love it. Fun plot, and relatable characters make this so so good.

    5. Africa meets London in this fashion fairy tale. Four young girls set out to change the world one outfit at a time.Narrator Nonie, is obsessed with fashion. Jenny has a part in a movie, but she isn’t really into that scene. Edie is a nerdy know-it-all. And then there’s Crow. She is a refugee from Uganda who can’t read and she barely ever speaks. Crow has a special talent though. She can design and create the most amazing high fashion outfits.All four girls fit their unique role in the story [...]

    6. When I was younger I used to love this book! I used to dream that I would grow up to become a successful fashion designer, have pretty dresses to wear all the time, be a movie star, and save the world of crisis! This book filled me with so much joy and happiness. Don't get me wrong, I still love the book, but I've learned now that these things wont happen to me. I still read it every time I want to feel like a little princess again! ;) and for someone with so much unspoiled imagination, this boo [...]

    7. Actual Rating : 2.5 stars. It's not a book for grown-ups but I still liked it because it taught me a lot.Nonie is a helpful girl who is very secure about who she is. She likes some shallow stuff that she knows is shallow but she likes it anyway."gossip doesn't make life better but it definitely makes it interesting."This book focuses on the positives. it shows that good things happen to those who deserve it. But there's also a slight problem that I didnt find this book very realistic. miracles l [...]

    8. ❌‼️WARNING‼️❌: A grand fashion fairytale coming up!!I am absolutely in love with this book! It's so amazing! It's full of fashion, sequins and charm. For a girl who's crazy about fashion and is so into haute couture, glam gowns and dresses, and fashion designing (like me

    9. Nonie, Edie and Jenny are best friends. Nonie inherited her incredible and eclectic fashion sense from her ever so stylish grandmother and her ex-model mother. Edie is determined to go to college; one of her main projects is a blog. Jenny is a rising actress who has fallen in love with an older co-star. When Edie is recruited to tutor a refugee from Africa their whole world turns around. Crow is only 12 but she has an eye for fashion. As her designs begin to increase in popularity, the curiosity [...]

    10. I started of the year with a reread. I originally read this when I was younger (and wanted to be a fashion designer). This was one of my favourite books back then because it took something I loved (fashion) and mixed it with something very serious and something that should be talked about more often. Now my main problem with this book is that it's very much targeted towards 12-14 year old girls. This isn't really a problem but reading it as someone who is older I have a hard time relating and I [...]

    11. I had mixed feelings about this book.I didn't like the cover design.I know, I know, very superficial of me, but I sincerely doubt that either Nonie, Crow, Jenny, or Granny would approve of this book cover.Anyway, "don't judge a book by its cover" right?I don't believe that the world Sophia Bennett spins is very believable. Look, there's a girl who's just starred in an absolute Hollywood blockbuster! Plus she's got a famous father!And ooh, look, there's that (view spoiler)[ twelve-year-old tween [...]

    12. - Hörbuchrezension - Nonie ist verrückt nach Mode. Jenny hat gerade in einem erfolgreichen Megablockbuster mitgespielt, zusammen mit dem süßesten Jungen der Welt und Edie will zur UNO um die Welt zu retten. Die drei sind sehr verschieden, doch beste Freundinnen. Dann treffen sie Krähe, die ein Tutu trägt und dazu Elfenflügel. Obwohl erst 12 Jahre alt, ist sie eine begabte Designerin. Doch Krähes Vergangenheit ist schlimmer als die drei Freundinnen sich vorstellen können…Wem „Gossip [...]

    13. Ich habe dieses Buch gelesen um mein Deutsch zu verbessern, also ich war nicht so um die Geschiechte bekümmert - aber es wäre vieel schlimmer gekonnt. Doch ist es nicht mein Art :)

    14. If you like fashion, then this book is for you! There are three best friends who live in London. Nonie is obsessed with fashion but is very eccentric with it. She likes purple shiny leggings and converse. She lives with her mum, who she feels ignores her. She also lives with her brother, Harry. He goes to college but lives in London. Jenny just got home from shooting a big movie in Hollywood with the biggest actors. Jenny has some body issues. Which affects her in the book. Jenny did enjoy filmi [...]

    15. If you only have time to read one novel this week, make it Threads. It’s been so long since I read a debut novel that made me smile (and cry) as much as this one. Threads won The Times Children’s Writing Competition last year and I’m so glad it did, it really deserves it.Threads is the story of three best friends, teenagers Nonie, Edie and Jenny who all live in London. By chance they meet Crow, a young African refugee who doesn’t like to talk but lives for fashion. Eventually, after disc [...]

    16. Sometimes I just need some Sophia Bennett. She’s the quintessential favorite aunt or cherished friend that can be counted on to alleviate a funk. Sneaky, clever and witty, she is the ultimate introspective author for me.At a blush Sequins, Secrets and Silver Linings looks to be a light, quick read packed with friends, fashion and fun. Ms. Bennett cheerfully gives us that. The charismatic cast engages in witty and quite funny conversations, particularly over Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food ice c [...]

    17. Sequins, Secrets, and Silver LiningsBy: Sophia BennettRealistic Fiction304 Pages Sequins, Secrets, and Silver Linings is a book about three girls who live in London. They are spunky and stylish. There is Jenny, who is a theater-loving girl. She has such a passion for performing, that she took part in a Hollywood film. Then there is Edie, who is a girl who sets high standards for herself, such as going to Harvard. She works hard on her blog and keeps amazing grades. Meanwhile, she has a dedicatio [...]

    18. Sophia Bennett ist die Siegerin des britischen Times-Chicken House-Wettbewerbes 2009. In ihrem Debütroman "Wie Zuckerwatte mit Silberfäden" schreibt sie über Nonie, die Mode über alles liebt und ihre Zeit damit verbringt, verschiedene Outfits zusammenzustellen. Es geht um ihre Freundin Jenny, die in einem Hollywood-Blockbuster mitgespielt hat und um Edie, der Mode und Hollywood egal sind, solange sie ein Stipendium für Harvard bekommt. Und dann ist da noch Krähe, das junge Mädchen aus Afr [...]

    19. Tell me what's this book about?Nonie, a girl who lives and breathes for fashion, Edie a girl who wants to work for UN when she grows up and Jenny a new star in Hollywood. Edie is an idealist an works on many different projects, one of the things she does is volunteer to help other children with their homework. Through this project the three friends meets Crow, a 12 year old refugee from Uganda. Crow cannot read and Edie is struggling to find a way to teach her. Together the girls quite by chance [...]

    20. When I saw this cover, I wanted to read this book,it looked like so much fun. (yes I liked a pink cover. Don't judge me) Meg Cabot has a blurb on the book. (top left near the sneaker) Which seemed fitting because I thought it be something along the lines of Cabot's genre. Lucky me, I was right. I have really missed reading books like this, and Sequins, Secrets and Silver Linings was very good. Being set in London was an added bonus. Three best friends Nonie, Edie and Jenny are doing very differe [...]

    21. Despite the old saying “Never judge a book by its cover,” a lot of readers do precisely that. When I saw the cover of Sequins, Secrets and Silver Linings it looked like a fluffy read that would lift my spirits on a dreary afternoon. While this novel proved to be a fun book that any fashion obsessed reader will fall in love with, it also had much more substantial messages and themes.The story is set in motion when Nonie buys a sweater and several skirts made by Crow, a Ugandan refuge who she [...]

    22. Essa resenha foi publicada no blog Garota it também.Eu imaginava uma história totalmente diferente da qual eu pude ler. Pela capa, sinopse e categoria do livro, pensei que seria bastante infantil. Talvez em um estilo Como treinar seu dragão sem figuras. Mas me enganei muito!O livro é narrado pela Nonie, uma menina de 14 anos que adora moda e celebridades. Ela tem duas amigas, a Jenny que é atriz, e Edie que é superinteligente e de alguma forma quer conquistar o mundo. Nonie acaba conhecend [...]

    23. Nonie loves fashion. She has her own style that sometimes stumps her friends and family. At the beginning of the book you get the impression that she and her mother don't have much of a relationship, but towards the end it seems they develop a mutual respect for one another. Nonie seems closest to her older brother Harry.Jenny had a small part in a recent hit movie. At first every time she shows up on the red carpet everything she wears looks totally disastrous on her. Instead of looking like a [...]

    24. I knew that I was going to enjoy this book for a few reasons. Firstly, 'Threads' is published by Chicken House - this means that it has the same publisher as books by Lucy Christopher (Stolen), Rachel Ward (Numbers) and Sharon Dogar (Waves). I have never read a book published by Chicken House that I have not enjoyed, so things were clearly looking good! Sophia Bennett, the author of 'Threads', won the '2009 Times/Chicken House Children's Fiction Competition' with this story so I knew that it had [...]

    25. Reviewed by Jennifer Rummel for TeensReadTooThree best friends come together to change one life and make fashion history.Nonie loves fashion, but lacks the talent for design.Jenny just wrapped up a Hollywood movie. She's hitting the red carpets, where she's forced to wear hideous dresses. The fashion world is ripping her to shreds.Eddie wants to save the world. She writes a blog and posts fashion news about Jenny to gain more followers. She's also tutoring a young girl from Uganda. Crow loves fa [...]

    26. I really enjoyed this. I know this is something I would've read when I was younger, and as I work in a bookshop, I'll definitely be recommending it to younger readers.Nonie and her two friends Edie and Jenny all have completely different interests, and when they meet Ugandan refugee Crow, they all manage to work together to help her, which in turn gives them a chance to do the things they love. For Nonie, its working in the fashion industry; Edie gets to work in social justice, and Jenny further [...]

    27. This book was okay. I feel like it was very planned out, and the author wanted you to catch every single detail. Sophia Bennet didn't let you infer anything because she would describe every little detail or feeling. Although I loved the end plot twist. Though throughout the middle and beginning I was a little bored. I felt like she could have spread out the excitement because every page towards the end had something new and fun to read, and it was a little overwhelming.I am upset with how Jenny [...]

    28. Calling all fans of Project Runway and Top Model: this book's for you!! When 14-year-old Londoner Nonie and her best friends discover a genius fashion designer, it's up to them to help her out. Crow's a Ugandan refugee and her family's still in Uganda, danger threatening at all times. Her father thinks she should be concentrating on "serious things", but Nonie and her besties think they can figure out a way for fashion to come to the rescue!This is a sweet story with a lot of heart and I loved i [...]

    29. I grabbed an advance copy of this (I guess in Canada it will be called Silver Sequins and Silver Linings) for 'lunch break reading', expecting something quick and silly to maybe recommend to silly girls. It only took a couple chapters to realize this book was nothing like I expected! I can't wait for the next one and only hope it's not too British to take off here. Nonie and her friends are perfectly flawed and I love that big world issues are drawn into the plot in a natural rather than calcula [...]

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