A Very Distant Shore Wanted doctor for small island Must like boats the seaside and having no hope of keeping a secret Lorna lives on the tiny Scottish island of Mure a peaceful place where everyone helps their neighbou

  • Title: A Very Distant Shore
  • Author: Jenny Colgan
  • ISBN: 9780751566192
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Paperback
  • Wanted doctor for small island Must like boats, the seaside and having no hope of keeping a secret Lorna lives on the tiny Scottish island of Mure, a peaceful place where everyone helps their neighbour But the local GP is retiring, and nobody wants his job Mure is too small and too remote.Far away, in a crowded camp, Saif is treating a little boy with a badly cut hWanted doctor for small island Must like boats, the seaside and having no hope of keeping a secretLorna lives on the tiny Scottish island of Mure, a peaceful place where everyone helps their neighbour But the local GP is retiring, and nobody wants his job Mure is too small and too remote.Far away, in a crowded camp, Saif is treating a little boy with a badly cut hand Saif is a refugee, but he s also a doctor exactly what Mure needs.Saif is welcome in Mure, but can he forget his past Over one summer, Saif will find a place to call home, and Lorna s life will change forever.

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    1. Jenny Colgan says:

      Jenny Colgan is the author of numerous bestselling novels, including The Little Shop of Happy Ever After and Summer at the Little Beach Street Bakery , which are also published by Sphere Meet Me at the Cupcake Caf won the 2012 Melissa Nathan Award for Comedy Romance and was a Sunday Times Top Ten bestseller, as was Welcome to Rosie Hopkins Sweetshop of Dreams , which won the RNA Romantic Novel of the Year Award 2013 For about Jenny, visit her website and her Facebook page, or follow her on Twitter.Jenny Colgan has also been published under the name Jenny T Colgan.

    2 thoughts on “A Very Distant Shore

    1. I love Jenny colgans books and the summer seaside kitchen has been on preorder for quite some time now and I can't wait to get it into my little hands and start reading it. So when I saw that there was a little quick read with some of the characters that are going to be in the upcoming book. I jumped at the chance to read it. This is a very quick but super sweet book. It tell the story of a little seaside town needing a new doctor because their current one is retiring. Saif a refugee from across [...]

    2. So if your like me and are eagerly awaiting Jennys next book "the summer seaside kitchen" then you should definitely read this, as its left me desperately wanting more, i very much want to know what happens with Lorna and Saif and find out more about his past. This is a great little read centered around the tiny Scottish island of Mure where new doctor and recent Refugee Saif has just started working, Lorna is a teacher looking after her ill dad and starts up a friendship with Saif i wont go int [...]

    3. Well, this was interesting. 'A Very Distant Shore' is a very short story about Lorna, head mistress on a small Scortish island and Saif, Syrian refugee, who gets the job as a desperately needed doctor on that island. While she struggles with her ill father, he does so with his past. After a while, they become friendswell, and then it's already over :D It was really refreshing to quickly read such a 'quick read'. A haha!

    4. This was an excellent short story and was a good length. Was lovely as based on a small Scottish island and it's my favourite area so loved reading. Lorna lives with her father on the island but they are desperate for a new dr and have waited a long time. Saif is a refugee and also a dr and comes to the island can everyone get on with him and can people find love it not. A really good story.

    5. I had heard that Jenny Colgan wrote good books so I decided to see which of her books were at my local library. As the weather was atrocious I looked at their online catalogue. I hadn't realised that I still had 'Books about islands' in the search engine as well as Jenny's name. So this book came up as a result of that search.Stupidly I just thought 'That looks good' and didn't read the description. If I had I would have seen that it was in fact a quick read. They are not usually my thing as I p [...]

    6. Thoughtful read. Really heartfelt story. I'm hoping the characters appear in Jenny's next book. Perfect weeknight reading material for me when I've had a long day.

    7. Lorna, head teacher lives on a small Scottish island where nothing happens and everybody knows everything about everyone.Saif is a doctor. He has lost all contact with his family due to being a refugee. He is brought to the small island of Mure to be a local GP as nobody wants to live on the island.Lorna and Saif get off to a rocky start when she goes to the doctors to ask for something to help her sleep - he refuses and she is angry with him. However, they share a mutual interest of walking wit [...]

    8. As usual I won't be giving a synopsis of the story as there are lots of reviews on here that do that.For those who don't know about Quick Reads I can say that they are ideal if you don't have a lot of time to read a longer novel or want a book that is easy to transport.For some people these books are an ideal length and helps to encourage some readers to pursue something longer.Also these books are a good way of trying an author that you haven't explored before. I have read 2 Quick Reads and enj [...]

    9. Loved this Quick Read - and it left me wanting to know more. I do hope Jenny turns this into a full length book soon.

    10. An interesting departure for Colgan - taking on some fairly deep issues such as the plight of refugees and caring for ageing parents. As always, highly readable.

    11. Picked up at the library this new Jenny Colgan book as part of the Quick Reads series. At the end of the book is an extract for Jenny’s new book The Summer Seaside Kitchen, which follows on the story of Flora, who features in this book.We meet Lorna, who lives on the little Scottish Island of Mure. The island is in desperate need of a new GP, with its current GP well over the age of retirement. Far away in a refugee camp, Saif is treating a boy with a badly cut hand. Saif is a refugee, but he [...]

    12. Another fab story, likeable characters, possible romances and picture perfect location, what else do you need.

    13. I would adore living on a small island like Mure it sounds idyllic but also shows how the community can either support or gossip. Lorna is an endearing character, overwhelmed with all her responsibilities, the relationship with her Dad is a poignant one. Saif is the ‘outsider’ who comes to help the locals in his role as a GP, he doesn’t find it easy to blend in even though most people try to make him welcome. There is an underlying sadness about him due to all the mystery surrounding his p [...]

    14. I was debating giving this four stars since it does seem to follow the standard "married man has affair with main character who doesn't know he is married" plot of her novels, but actually it's done really well. I immediately connected to these characters and of course the setting and writing were both beautiful. The above plot frame was different than "usual" (by which I mean the last two books I've read by her have incorporated this plot-line) in that we don't KNOW if he's married or not, and [...]

    15. If ever there was a book to warm the cockles of your heart, A very Distant Shore is it. A short read, but full of romance, love, family affection, bringing in various elements of contemporary life. The island of Mure is lacking a doctor, their regular GP is unable to cope with the mounting workload, they are desperate. Far away in a refugee camp is Saif, who on attending to one of the children in the camp, comes to the attention of the authorities, who then send him to Mure as their doctor.On Mu [...]

    16. This book arrived at my door yesterday thank you to for remembering I'd ordered this quick read book back at Christmas.Now, I love Jenny Colgan and currently own all of her books she has written to date and have tonight added this one to that dedicated shelf. This book didn't disappoint, I wanted it to go on and on!In this book, Saif is a doctor and Lorna is a resident on Mure a little Island off of Scotland. The two meet after Saif is sent to the island from a refugee camp. His arrival causes [...]

    17. Their is JEnny COLGAN all over the place and must admit it was a lighthearted read and yep it left u wanting to know more about the characters which i suppose is the idea of these quick reads you get sip of reading then a GULp til you reading gallons !!! so this book has done it s job as want to know more as left really with to many questions !!!!

    18. I know the clue is in the title 'Quick Read' but this didn't really feel like a fully fleshed out story. Without reading the summer seaside kitchen you would not really get a feel for the characters and the place setting. This left me feeling unconnected to the characters and unable empathise with their plights.In the main book I really liked Lornas character and had high hopes for her part of the story, unfortunately this was a bit of let down for me.

    19. Part of the 'quick reads' series and it was certainly a quick read! I finished this book in one very enjoyable sitting.Lorna and Saif were 2 very different but equally lovely characters, I could easily have spent another few hundred pages with them. I also loved the island setting, being an island girl myself. The ending was very abrupt but it was otherwise a very enjoyable short tale.3.5*

    20. A good QR follow up to The Summer Seaside Kitchen with a storyline featuring Lorna, a supporting character in the first book Did have the feel that this was either an afterthought, or that she couldn't find a way to fit in the main book Not the Authors' best, but at only 130 pages, it was worth the time to read

    21. I keep forgetting about these "Quick Read" books, but luckily spotted this one by the registers just when I needed something to read over a coffee. I'm really glad I picked it up, it turned out to be more than just a frothy romance, and in fact almost had me in tears now and then. Really worth reading.

    22. Once again the lovely Jenny Colgan has written an amazing book. I smiled, laughed and cried throughout this book and look forward to reading more about the Island of Mure in The Summer Seaside Kitchen

    23. Another QuickRead book. On the small Scottish island of Muir a doctor is required but nobody wants the position. Then a refugee doctor is sent there and life changes for many of the residents and newcomers as they learn to get along together.

    24. WOW, I could have happily let this book go on and on, there was so much more that could have been explained yet at the same time, everything that was important was in the book anyway. A must read for anyone who likes depth to their books and an easy read.

    25. I really wanted to actually see how this continues. I'm intrigued anout Lorna and Saif and how Saif overcomes his tragedies.Great short

    26. Enjoyable quick read. I love Colgan's writing style - it's warm and friendly - and this book was poignant and emotional, without being over the top.

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