White Satin Here Iris Johansen tells a love story about a world class figure skater her distant demanding mentor and the high stakes competition that could bring them together at last and put all their dreams

  • Title: White Satin
  • Author: Iris Johansen
  • ISBN: 9780553216899
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Paperback
  • Here, Iris Johansen tells a love story about a world class figure skater, her distant, demanding mentor, and the high stakes competition that could bring them together at last and put all their dreams on ice.

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    1. Iris Johansen says:

      Iris Johansen is a New York Times bestselling author She began her writing after her children left home for college She first achieved success in the early 1980s writing category romances In 1991, Johansen began writing suspense historical romance novels, starting with the publication of The Wind Dancer In 1996 Johansen switched genres, turning to crime fiction, with which she has had great success She lives in Georgia and is married Her son, Roy Johansen, is an Edgar Award winning screenwriter and novelist Her daughter, Tamara, serves as her research assistantIS JOHANSEN is The New York Times bestselling author of Night and Day, Hide Away, Shadow Play, Your Next Breath, The Perfect Witness, Live to See Tomorrow, Silencing Eve, Hunting Eve, Taking Eve, Sleep No More, What Doesn t Kill You, Bonnie, Quinn, Eve, Chasing The Night, Eight Days to Live, Blood Game, Deadlock, Dark Summer, Pandora s Daughter, Quicksand, Killer Dreams, On The Run, and And with her son, Roy Johansen, she has coauthored Night Watch, The Naked Eye, Sight Unseen, Close Your Eyes, Shadow Zone, Storm Cycle, and Silent Thunderisjohansen

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    1. 1 HAVING MY CAKE AND EATING IT STARSWell if you don't remember the figure staking craze of the 1988 Calgary winter games this book might be hard to understand. For me this book was a supposed trip down memory lane, as an ex figure stater and lover of the sport. It was expecting a sweet story but sadly it was just so stereotypical. AND FOR ME, IT WAS A COMPLETE FAILShe was the figure skater and He was her coach. He was suppose to care and protect her but he could not stand to be around her as he [...]

    2. I feared this would be too icky for me, but it turned out to be pretty fun. Yes, the hero has been the heroine’s guardian since she was 8, yes, he decided when she was 6 and he was 20 that she was the one for him (!) and yes, he started finding her hot when she was 14. But at least he was grossed out by himself and doesn’t act on it: “Fourteen years old. Lord, he’d felt as shocked and disgusted with himself as if he’d actually taken her instead of sending her away He’d constantly rei [...]

    3. Okurken yaptığım yorumda olduğu gibi bir adamın 6 yaşında bir kıza ilgi duyup, kızın ailesi de ölünce ona sahip çıkarak farklı düşüncelere (büyüyünce kendime alıcam gibi) sahip olmasını iğrenç buldum. O yüzden 1 yıldız veriyorum Hadi okurken bunu görmezden geldim diyelim ki Anthony tam bir HIRBO! yok ben baskın erkeğim benim dediğim olur Yok ben geçmişte çok fakirdim o yüzden şimdi istediğimi yaparım falan Çok itici buldum Bir kızın buz patencisi olmas [...]

    4. "White Satin" is the story of Anthony and Dany, and about the evolving relationship between a Olympian figure skater, and his mentee who strives to achieve the same.As Dany is about to compete in the Olympics, something that has been her lifelong dream- the tension between her and Anthony, who has taken care of her since she was a child and trained her to be what she is now reaches its pinnacle and soon unrequited love explodes.This book is not for everyone (view spoiler)[- the hero knows the he [...]

    5. I signed up for a super-obsessive alpha sighting and I got it, I guess. I even like figure skating, too. But somehow the story just totally lost my interest about 40% in, and I had to force myself to half-heartedly finish it. I don't mind the old-schoolness of it, in fact I love old-school types of romances. This one, though, the excitement of the romance was over way too soon and the rest of the book was just dragging through the hero's cliche inability to open up. Real boring stuff, tbh. Even [...]

    6. 3.75 stars. The H is obsessed with a capital O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D!!! Be warned this book has some rather controversial and icky matter for most people. The H had a very deep seated hmmm… I guess interest/love/affection/obsession with the h at 6 years old! This was written in 1985 so I’d like to think readers such as myself during that time period were a little more open and not as politically correct as today. So if you’re used to bodice rippers, vintage Un-PC heroes/storylines maybe you won’ [...]

    7. White Satin by Iris Johansen had a very oldish feel to it.Dany is a skater, she has lived for it all her life, she is twenty years old and about to go to the Olympics. She pushes herself hard especially for Anthony. Anthony took over her guardianship when her parents died, he has given her everything in her life and she feels a lot for him. Anger since she withholds everything from her, gratitude as well.Anthony was himself a world champion in skating and now runs a business. The book was kind o [...]

    8. I read this in one night. I'm surprised how much I enjoyed it, considering there was the whole ick-factor to it. Twenty-year-old Dany Alexander is competing for the Olympic gold in figure skating, and at her side are several close friends she's considered family since her parents died, including her guardian Anthony Malik. Anthony won the gold at her age too, and it's made him very wealthy and famous. When she was 8 and lost her parents, Anthony fought for guardianship of her and helped her achi [...]

    9. I checked this out from the library as an ebook because I'd never read anything about figure skating before (though I enjoy watching it during the Olympics) and I thought it would be fun. However, I didn't even finish the book because I couldn't stand the "hero." He's the quintessential "alpha" type who has to control everything, including the heroine, and that pissed me off to no end. I did get about halfway through the book (view spoiler)[because I thought he might redeem himself, but when it [...]

    10. This had a sweet ending, though I didn't love the rest of it. I liked it, but didn't love it. This just isn't my favorite kind of romance, where the characters already admit they love each other but one just isn't happy because the other one is holding something back or something. Also, so not believable that people this serious about a sport would risk everything by having unprotected sex like 6 weeks before the Olympics (multiple times) -- what if she'd been pregnant and tired/nauseated during [...]

    11. Go for the gold or go for love? It's a about figure skating. Something undoubtably new concept in my reading. I've found another favorite. His character was very hard to decipher. I almost thought his background was going to be very dark and disturbing, but it turns out to be rather sweet. He comes about his jaded character unable to stand weakness and vulnerability in anyone. So therefore he was careful of making sure she reaches her independence, before he can freely love and possess her. It i [...]

    12. Anthony ve Dany arasında geçen, kimi yerde tutkulu , kimi yerde sinir bozucu olan ilişkilerinin kaleme alındığı bu kitabı ne sevdim ne sevmedim : )) ama yazarı severim tarzını da şöyle böyle çözdüm diyorsanız bu kitabını da okuyabilirsiniz , okurken sıkılmaktan çok erkek karakterin git-gel durumları e yeter ama dedirtebiliyor. Yinede bu özelliklere rağmen kendini okutan süründürmeyen bir kitap

    13. Vintage contemporary romance from bestseller Iris JohansenTwenty-year-old Dany Alexander is a world-class figure skater with a lifelong goal of taking home Olympic gold. Lovely, red-headed Dany has known darkly handsome Anthony Malik since she was six and he was 20 and an Olympic-gold figure skater. Her rich, jetsetting parents died when she was eight, and Anthony became her guardian. When at age 14, while skating with Anthony, Dany suddenly developed sexual awareness of him, he immediately sent [...]

    14. DNF at 26%. Oof, yeesh. With the Winter Olympics going on, I just watched Cutting Edge for the first time and wanted more ice skating romance. This one was recommended, so I grabbed it from the library. I knew it was going to be a guardian-ward type of thing, but I did NOT know it was going to be a "I, a 20-year-old, saw you at age 6 and knew I had to have you" type of thing. I now realize why in the hell Stephanie Meyers EVER thought the Jacob imprinting thing was socially acceptable. The 80s w [...]

    15. This is a book about a very sick man, a pedophile! Very creepy. He even threatens to kill her date. Really unpleasant book!

    16. This book referred to Rhett Butler as a Yankee, twice. Nooooo. South Carolina, Charleston specifically, is most definitely Confederate territory. Also, where usually I am not at all disturbed by age differences, especially those of a minor age in a guardian or authority role, this one creeper me the fuck out. Can't really explain what was different about it, but there it is.

    17. Don't know what happened here. Really liked her crime and suspense novels but this had too much sex and was just a bad story. He is too old and she is too young.Copied from comments.On the smooth, silvery surface of the ice skating rink, Dany Alexander cuts a figure of strength and fire, beauty and grace. One man alone is responsible for Dany’s success: Anthony Malik, a former skating star who has managed her career for the past sixteen years. And for all that time, deep within his fortress o [...]

    18. Dany Alexander is a world class skater working towards the Olympic dream of a gold. She has always loved her distant and unapproachable mentor/ financier, Anthony Malik. Little does Dany know that Anthony has been distant not just because of his past, but because he has wanted her as a lover for a long time. Their battle to find love is set against an Olympic background. This was good, but not quite up to her suspense novels that I enjoy so much! I think if I forget who wrote it and didn't look [...]

    19. A beautiful, tender, love story. Definitely her best! I have read a few Iris Johansen books, but this one is definitely my favorite one. Dany is an Olympic champion ice skater and Anthony has been her guardian since she was a child. As Dany matures into a young woman she develops deep feelings for her guardian , unbeknown to her Anthony has fought off his attraction to her for a long time. Now that Dany is a grown woman, will Anthony finally act out on the passion he feels for her? After all the [...]

    20. I loved it! This book's surprisingly good. Even though Anthony's a bit mean and jerk but of course, he had his own reason. I think this book is perfect, but not enough angst. But I enjoyed it anyway. Anthony's become Dany's guardian after her parents died in an accident. Dany's secretly falling for him but won't admit it because she knows that Anthony's such a big and respectable person. But apparently, Anthony's already waiting to claim her since the very beginning I enjoyed the twist, kind of [...]

    21. I am a fan if Iris Johansen so I thought I would love this book. I could not finish the book at all. I couldn't get past the fact that Anthony had been lusting after Dany since she was like 8 years old. OK, the lust started when she was 14, but still. He knew she would be his when she was 8 and he was in his 20s. That just creeped me out. Also, he was very possessive and after he declares he desire for her, he keeps talking to her like she is a child. That was it for me. yuck.

    22. what a pile of BS. yes, I know it was written at a different time -- but no matter what year it was, a 22+ year old man being intrigued by a 6 year old, then deciding he wanted her sexually at 14d THEN saying things like "I wanted to take you, but it wouldn't have been rape b/c I'd have made it good for you" is DISTURBING. Truly mentally disturbing and kinda made me physically ill.I cannot believe this is the same Iris Johansen who wrote the Eve Duncan books.

    23. Couldn't finish it. I've started it a couple of times but can't go thru with it. It is a re-release that didn't age well; the main characters are extremes and don't seem to be a couple. It takes imagination to write so poorly and a lot of confidence to put it on the unsuspecting public. I wish i could go lower than this rating.

    24. This one made me feel a little squeeshy, as the ice skating lead has been the love of her guardian's life since she was a child. He's been pretty circumspect, though, and she hasn't had a clue why he started distancing himself from her when she was 14. Now, at 20, they come together in spite of his good intentions, but will it last?

    25. Audiobook version. Made it to the beginning of part 2, which is chapter 2. I was a bit creeped out with him stating he knew when she was 6 she was meant for him, but figured I could push past that. Then his statement that he sent her away at age 14 because he knew she'd be his mistress by 16 (he is 14 yrs older than her) sent me into the ick factor. DNF.

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