The Bertie Project Once we catch up with the delightful goings on in the fictitious Scotland Street from Alexander McCall Smith Bertie s respite from his overbearing mother Irene is over She has returned from th

  • Title: The Bertie Project
  • Author: Alexander McCall Smith
  • ISBN: 9781846973598
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Once , we catch up with the delightful goings on in the fictitious 44 Scotland Street from Alexander McCall Smith .Bertie s respite from his overbearing mother, Irene, is over She has returned from the middle east, only to discover that her son has been exposed to the worst evils of cartoons, movies and Irn Bru, and her wrath falls upon her unfortunate husband, StOnce , we catch up with the delightful goings on in the fictitious 44 Scotland Street from Alexander McCall Smith .Bertie s respite from his overbearing mother, Irene, is over She has returned from the middle east, only to discover that her son has been exposed to the worst evils of cartoons, movies and Irn Bru, and her wrath falls upon her unfortunate husband, Stuart Meanwhile, Bruce has fallen in love with someone other than himself Big Lou wants to adopt her beloved Finlay Matthew and Elspeth host the Duke of Johannesburg for supper and Bertie decides he wants to move out of Scotland Street altogether and live with his grandmother, Nicola.Can Irene and Stuart s marriage survive Will Bruce s newfound love last And will Bertie really leave Scotland Street Find out in the next instalment of this charming, beloved seriesTE On page 1 of this book and elsewhere, the Turner Prize has been misprinted as the Turner Prise no disrespect to the prize was intended The problem is due to a computer error whereby words ending in ize e.g size or seize have been changed to ise endings The publishers apologise and hope these errors do not spoil readers enjoyment.

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    About “Alexander McCall Smith

    1. Alexander McCall Smith says:

      Alexander McCall Smith is the author of the international phenomenon The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency series, the Isabel Dalhousie Series, the Portuguese Irregular Verbs series, and the 44 Scotland Street series He is professor emeritus of medical law at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and has served on many national and international bodies concerned with bioethics He was born in what is now known as Zimbabwe and he was a law professor at the University of Botswana He lives in Scotland Visit him online at alexandermccallsmith, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

    2 thoughts on “The Bertie Project

    1. I think I love all of this author's series equally. I guess I just enjoy his writing style, always intelligent, lightly humorous and just full of interest and curiosity in the world. It is obvious he knows Edinburgh really well and his tongue in cheek observations of its residents and their life styles are delightful. He has made several visits to Australia too and lo and behold, up pop not one but two Australian characters to liven up the action. I listened to this book on audio and was glad th [...]

    2. Charming is the word that comes to mind. I had forgotten that about Alexander McCall Smith's story telling. I have read most books in The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency series, but I jumped into the 44 Scotland Street series at #11. I had to work a bit at first to figure who was who, but still I thoroughly enjoyed this book for what it is. Set amongst a group of Scottish neighbours, the book follows the trials and tribulations of a few characters. Their personas and stories are pushed a bit beyond [...]

    3. Another jam packed instalment. Bruce is wildly in love with someone other than himself, Angus gets propelled through a window, Stuart makes a bid for freedom and Irene is still a cow. I really love this series but Irene has to get her comeuppance or I demand my money back.

    4. “The problem, he though, was that so much humour involved human misfortune of one sort or another, and now that same human misfortune was out of bounds – interdicted by self-appointed guardians of sensitivity. There was somebody to be offended by everything, he thought, which left little room for laughter”The Bertie Project is the eleventh book in the popular 44 Scotland Street serial novel by Scottish author, Alexander McCall Smith, and in it, the lives of the residents of 44 Scotland Str [...]

    5. 4.5 starsBertie is a character that you root for. You want him to succeed, to find some happiness and maybe move to Glasgow, his holy place. Yet you worry that under Irene's relentless thumb that he's going to turn into a mass murderer in his rage. How much can one person endure? Stuart almost finds him limit and his final solution makes you want to weep. Irene is one character that I would just love to slap across the face. How can one person be so self absorbed?Just ask Bruce who finally find [...]

    6. I love Bertie and I love the setting. In this volume McCall Smith describes Edinburgh in such detail, it was a vicarious revisit for me. It's a city I really love except in July and August when it is overwhelmed with tourists. Nonetheless, it is a city chock full of history and interesting people. McCall Smith ends every Bertie book with the reader questioning "what's next"? I can only say his mother Irene continues to be extremely unlikeable and even her family is questioning what life would be [...]

    7. One of my favorite authors has decided to use one of my favorite words—defenestration—and not just once but multiple times. Not only that but he has titled one of the chapters, "the defenestration of Scotland."AMS is awesome.

    8. Bertie's back! The eleventh in the "44 Scotland Street" series and the third with Bertie's name in the title, is "The Bertie Project", by the wonderfully prodigious, Alexander McCall Smith.I don't quite know for whom I'm writing this reviewif you are already a Bertie fan, you won't need me to tell you that you should buy this latest installment in the series. If you are here to see what all the fuss is about, then allow me to entice you to take up this series and become enchanted with the denize [...]

    9. I have read all 11 books in this series and have always found them relaxing and enjoyable. This one made me upset. Bertie's horrible deranged mother has stifled his childhood, forbidding anything that brings joy to a little boy. Instead of TV, treats, pizza, ice cream and a Swiss Army Knife, he is forced to have regular visits with a psychiatrist, Italian lessons, yoga, music lessons, etc. It is remarkable that Bertie seems so lovable under such a tyrannical mother. She also has destroyed her hu [...]

    10. The 44 Scotland Street series is Alexander McCall-Smith’s chance to write about anything just for the fun of it. And that’s why I read them – to see how he’s plumbed his fertile imagination for new laugh-out-loud, implausible situations and observations. He is constrained only by the format imposed on the serialized publication of chapters. Hence each chapter is of a certain length, and each must end just slightly unresolved. Amid important rituals, his cast of characters from modern day [...]

    11. Will We Need Be Quit of Irene?The next time a 'Bertie' book is released I'm flipping to the end to see if Irene gets her comeuppance. The joke of Lucy, a football & Charlie Brown just isn't funny anymore. If it ever was. I no longer care for those who tolerate her.Apparently, there is no justice in Scotland. Except for those named Bruce.

    12. I think the 44 Scotland St series are the most enjoyable of McCall Smith's books, even including his Botswana series. The author has free rein to go where he please, introduce characters just for the fun of it, forget pretty about plot, and is only constrained by having chapters of a particular length and the need for those chapters to leave us slightly up in the air. Beyond that, there's a 'who cares' attitude in place here, and McCall Smith makes the most of it. Anything is fodder for his stor [...]

    13. I am losing interest in the Scotland Street series. Too many digressions, not enough about the characters. Where was Pat in this novel?

    14. Another lovely instalment in the Scotland street saga. Perhaps not as brilliant as the others, but still enjoyable.

    15. Given that this book is the last in the series, or so I think, I was disappointed, disgusted and disgruntled that after waiting and hoping for Bertie's father Stuart to stand up to that tyrant Irene and finally demand that poor Bertie must no longer endure everything that he hates (psychotherapy, yoga, etc.) and that from now on he will be granted permission to get a Swiss Army knife and do the things little boys love to do, that once again Stuart capitulates, all his ruminating about how he mus [...]

    16. Fiction - #44 Scotland Street seriesBRAVO!! I am thrilled with this #11 book, featuring dear, sweet, innocent Bertie Pollock (age 7); his domineering, pushy mother Irene; Stuart, who is desperately unhappy in his marriage to Irene, but lacks the backbone to stand up to her; and Ulysses, the family's baby. Nicola, Stuart's mother, provides a weekly Saturday morning respite for Bertie to visit his friends, or suggest what he would like to doC has returned to his sparkling, LOL writing about the va [...]

    17. I fell in love with Alexander McCall Smith's work through his No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency and ever since then I have tried to read everything I can by him. He writes books that are full of stories that are just a pure joy to read and I am so glad I got to read a review of his latest! It lives up to his standards and my expectations. If you love a good, cozy, heartfelt and funny read than this is a good choice. Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for a review copy.

    18. Poor Bertie. He deserves so much better. He was my favorite character. Actually, he's the only character that I liked. His parents are awful people. The other characters were marginally better. The story itself was okay, and it was humorous in parts. I hated the ending, though. I really wanted a different outcome, especially for Stuart and Irene. The setting was the best thing about this story. Scotland is somewhere I have always wanted to visit.

    19. I loved this installment. It made me laugh out loud. With a couple of caveats. I wish:There had been less about defenestration and more about the characters.Big Lou had more page time! I'd love something good to happen to her. AMC would eliminate the Nudist stuff. It's boring and unimportant and takes away from Bertie's story! I completely skipped the chapter with no ill effects. But I love Nicola, was happy to hear from Tofu and Olive and was glad that there wasn't much about Angus and Domenica [...]

    20. I have enjoyed the other books from this series. However Irene has spoiled this book for me. I love to read Alexander McCall Smith books especially Because there is so much philosophy and such an emphasis on kindness but the tyranny of Irene spoiled this all for me. So sad, I have been looking forward to this book for a long time

    21. So charming! So cheering. Alexander McCall Smith's books are the antidotes for all of the other grisly, depressing books that are out there and I definitely use them as palate cleansers between grittier books.It always elevate my mood when there is another installment in the 44 Scotland Street books. they are my favorites.

    22. Another installment in the "44 Scotland Street series. Of course it was charming as are the other books in this series, but there was a wonderful discussion in Chapter 33 between Domenica and Nicola about rituals in religion. This really touched a chord in me.

    23. It's hard to express how much I love the 44 Scotland Street books!! And this installment certainly lives up to my expectations! So much beauty, love, and laughter!!! With a few frustrations thrown in (Irene and Melanie Klein!) If you've yet to read this series, do start now!! You won't regret it!!!

    24. There have been better instalments of this series. I thought this was kind of bland. Also, there is never enough Bertie.

    25. Amusing continuation of the lives of the residents of 44 Scotland St. in Edinborough. McCall Smith comments on educational theories, poetry, hipster life style and the problems of the nudišts in Scotland while relating the various problems of poor Bertie, his formidable mother Irene, his father and baby brother.

    26. IMO, the books in this series aren't as good as those in the Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency series, but I still always enjoy the author's gentle, whimsical wisdom and humor.

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