Sixpence Whiskey By the pricking of my thumbs something wicked this way comes It s not easy being a witch Especially when you re the youngest and least talented of four sisters But Persephone Gosse manages the same w

  • Title: Sixpence & Whiskey
  • Author: Heather R. Blair
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.It s not easy being a witch Especially when you re the youngest and least talented of four sisters But Persephone Gosse manages the same way she manages her Duluth bar, Toil Trouble With hard work, a smart mouth and a lot of whiskey Seph likes her quiet life quiet as it can be when the king ofBy the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.It s not easy being a witch Especially when you re the youngest and least talented of four sisters But Persephone Gosse manages the same way she manages her Duluth bar, Toil Trouble With hard work, a smart mouth and a lot of whiskey Seph likes her quiet life quiet as it can be when the king of the bears wants her as his queen, a werewolf or three wants her dead, and her cold as ice ex, Jack Frost, wantsWell, she hasn t quite figured that out yet But with a bounty on her head and time running out on a half forgotten prophecy, Seph better get a clue before this witch s brew blows up in her face This book is the first of a 3 part serial

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      379 Heather R. Blair
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    1. Heather R. Blair says:

      Heather R Blair wrote her first book in the first grade and hasn t stopped since Back then it was all about horses, now it s pretty much the dark, sexy and shivery She lives in the frozen north of Minnesota, near that big gorgeous lake called Superior and enjoys hiking when the snow melts She also does murals, rides herd on four monsters otherwise known as children, ages 9 19 , is slightly obsessed with Martin Freeman, British television and things that go bump in the night She loves reading, duh and interacting with other bibliophiles and authors Feel free to bug her at will and sign up for her newsletter to get shiny new promos, free stuff and MORE eepurl bNW4LH

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    1. "Well, that wasn't lousy."Damn straight it wasn't! I've died and gone my ass straight to paranormal snark paradise. Seriously, this is the book equivalent of World BuildingNormal town of Duluth, Minnesota has all sorts of fabulous creatures living amongst them and blending into society. Witches, shifters, gnomes, fairies, werewolves, sprites, elementals, etc They're all here and fabulous. When I saw "fairytale" in the blurb and reviews, it made me nervous. I've read a couple fairytale spoofs and [...]

    2. Sixpence & Whiskey was a pretty great urban fantasy. With the heroine being a witch, she faces many problems with the supernatural creatures in the area. Everything was fleshed out and developed nicely. And there were so many unique and refreshing qualities about this story. The heroetty much just how I like them. He's enigmatic, rough, and has a dark sideor so we think. There is a lot of mystery around him and why he's back, but in this book, he definitely seems like an anti-hero. The story [...]

    3. Can't give it 5 stars it kept me hanging and that is so not cool. Plus I have to read 2 other books now.ah Thanks!Ok to say this book was awesome would be lying because it was more spectacular! Full of fun and whisky! Ah the evils of drinks is clearly seen here! So many bad things are the result of whisky but also some good. Now I have to wait until the release of book 3 in September, to read book 2 because I am told the cliff will be killer! I would not have read this book yet if I had known ab [...]

    4. Part One Sebastian Stan As Jack FrostPersephone GosseRhymes/Incantations That Build SuspenseMagical/Virtual Journey Through MinnesotaHot RomanceUnexpected Twist And TurnsFairy Tale Creatures With An EdgeLiterally "MOTHER" Goose (Gosse)Bitchy FairiesSarcastic GnomesStart This Story At The Risk Of Being AddictedGood News The Last One In The Series Is Almost Here So You Won't Have To Suffer The Wait Like I DidMy Favorite Reviews Tells The Story/review/show/review/show

    5. I loved it! The writing is fantastic and the storyline is original and well thought out. This author knows her stuff- I didn't notice any contradictions or discrepancies that bother me so much in other books. I loved Seph- she is an amazing heroine! I liked her sisters and I also loved her friend and ex Georg! So far I am not liking Jack!

    6. Buddy reread of series in prep for Roses and Rye, releasing Tuesday!!!! Holy Witches Brew Batman, this book is friggin' awesome. But now I have a problem, I NEED to know what happens next. This is why I usually wait for a series to be complete before I dive in, I need instant gratification, but those darn teasers sucked me in, and I HAD to meet Jack. Little did I know, I would fall in love with Seph and the gang too! Multiple Whammy. Bam, like touching a witch while casting, I fell hard. My favo [...]

    7. Yes. Yes. Yes.Fantastic start to this 3 part serial.Jack Frost cold-hearted snake? Maybe. Maybe not.Persephone Gosse an apocalypse inducing witch? Maybe. Maybe not.Are they merely exes or much, much more? TBD.Doesn't matter It's hot, it's exciting, and I'm hooked!

    8. 4 1/2 to 5 starsSing a song of sixpenceI've got a definite love for paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and re-imagined fairy tales with a twist. So when a talented author takes all three elements and creates something unique, imaginative and fun, I can't help but be intrigued and want more. (I mean, who knew that Mother Goose was a witch? Or that nursery rhymes are actually spells?!)Ms. Blair has spun a fascinating (and often humorous) tale filled with witches, Elementals (creatures born of magi [...]

    9. So good. So addictive. This is a fast paced read with an incredible bunch of characters. I loved every minute of it and I can't wait to read the rest of the series. Highly recommend.HEA (view spoiler)[No. Cliffhanger. Series is complete though (hide spoiler)]Angst Level: MediumHeat Level: Medium

    10. While I do like paranormal books witches aren't normally my thing but this book kept cropping up and getting great reviews, I knew it was a cliffhanger and the first of three books but all three are out and on KU so I tentatively decided to give it a try.Persephone is a witch she has three older sisters Ana, Jett and Carly (all witches) and a mother with a habit of travelling through time and has currently been MIA for the over three years.We have Jack Frost (hero or villain?) bear shifters, wol [...]

    11. This book was the equivalent of a sizzling brownie with a scoop of ice cream. Persephone, also known as Seph is a witch who runs a bar. Her quiet life turns interesting with the reappearance of her ex Jack Frost and a bounty on her head.Seph was brave, quirky and adorable and she made me smile. A lot. Jack Frost was complicated and I had a love-hate relationship with him. He has a lot of secrets, comes across as self centred and careless and is perfect when he lets his mask slip. The other chara [...]

    12. I have to admit, I bugged Ms. Blair for an early copy of this book. I've been itching for this story since I first learned of it. But I was bad and didn't review it once I finished reading it, which was in one night. I couldn't put it down and I suffered for it the next day, but it was so worth it.This is a deviation from the author's usual style. Instead of 3rd person PoV, it's written in 1st person and for the first few pages, I wasn't a fan. But that's the way it always is for me. What can I [...]

    13. I was thoroughly entertained.It started out a bit shaky for me as I wasn't crazy about Seph. She's a little too.h around the edges. But damn if the story didn't fairly quickly suck me right in! I wanted to throat punch Jack. I mean, damn. What he put Seph through in the past is just a young girl's worst nightmare. The author was able to relay Seph's broken heart and her resolve not to go down that road again achingly well. So though Jack is an unmitigated assere is something else going on with h [...]

    14. This book is a disturbing mixture of childhood innocence & adult darkness.I almost gave up after the first few pages of reading as I was never a fan of cutesy bubble gum popping witches with a pink aura of candy stripedness about them.And than came Jack Frost & he brought with him a tinge of blackness & a bite of winter.And than she began casting in eerie nursery rhyme“The king was in his counting house…” And I was caught up in this twisted fairy tale!

    15. I have a rather depressing history when it comes to reading books recommended by authors I love: I can count the times I ended up liking them too with the fingers of one hand, those times amounting to zero.Until now. *drumrolls*I picked up Sixpence & Whiskey after coming across Veronica Del Rosa's review for the last book of the Toil & Trouble series and in a few seconds I had #1 on my Kindle, because old dogs, new tricks and all that. Well, guess what? This old dog did learn something n [...]

    16. Sixpence & Whiskey is something new from Heather R. Blair. By something new, I mean really new, definitely a different dynamic than her previous titles.Sixpence & Whiskey is the first of a series of three, centered on the life of Persephone "Seph" Gosse who sees herself as an ordinary witch and wants nothing more than to just live a quite life (as quiet as it can be in her world) running her bar in Duluth called Toil & Trouble, but everything and everyone around her is hellbent on ma [...]

    17. I am not a review type of person. However, this book held me so enthralled I couldn’t not write something about it.I have never read a book centered around magic or witches. If I have, I have totally forgotten it. This book will never be forgotten. Seph is strong and snarky and yet the weakest witch compared to her sisters. I enjoyed her inner musings regarding Jack and quickly came to realize he was a grade A capital a**hole. But, is he? I kept my eye on him the whole time. He’s got secrets [...]

    18. $0.99 on Kindle 3/3/17I hear this series is fantastic! AND now I own all 4I think I'm more elated than this puppy RN :D

    19. Well this isn't your mother's fairytale's better! This book has a wonderful combination of fairytale creatures written in a way that you've never seen them before. Persephone "Seph" Gosse lives a pretty quiet life for a witch, managing her bar Toil & Trouble in Duluth, Minnesota. When Seph's ex-lover, who happens to be Jack Frost, shows up unexpectedly and kidnaps her, the quiet life she was enjoying gets a whole lot more interesting. Jack turns Seph over to Georg Kivisto, shifter and King o [...]

    20. I'm going to go insane waiting for book two in this series! I bought this ebook and devoured it in one session. It's that good. Funny. Unique. Twisted. What a wonderful imagination Heather Blair has to take the Mother Goose nursery rhyme and make such an intriguing story out of it; Mother Goose is a witch and her four daugters are witches, too! And those nursery rhymesey're really spells. There is such a wide cast of characters - all interesting - all unique - all making me want to read more and [...]

    21. I think I've found a new series for me! Jack is an arsehole of epic proportions and I really need him to suffer something bad. But I really love the writing and world building - I'm hooked :) I'm also loving Seph and can't wait to see what happens. Oh and Georg. Actually, I'm loving all the characters (oh except Jack, because he's a dick!)Off to the next one :)

    22. This book is a lot more urban fantasy than paranormal romance which in most cases would mean this wasn't my cup of tea. But, I really enjoyed this! Lots of characters to sift through but not to many to confuse or overwhelm you. And I liked them all! This type of thing doesn't happen often so I'm happy about it ). How can one not like jack? Bad boy, A-hole, hot, his name is Jack Frost(the Jack Frost). There's wolves, witches, bears, and other creatures, and you get a taste for all of them in here [...]

    23. This was a great fast paced read. The book is based around Seph and her three sisters, all witches. There’s some good world building happening, and although the threads woven come from more traditional themes, the glue holding it together has some solid concepts. The characters and their interactions plus the way the tale comes together wraps the novel up solidly.

    24. It took me a while to get into this one, but once I did I really liked it! Not my usual genre but the book is really well written and fun. Looking forward to reading the next in the series!

    25. Often times when authors try to make characters snarky, I find it rather ridiculous. Either my eyes practically roll out of my head or it makes the heroine out to be a bitch. Sixpence & Whiskey however pulled off the snark and wit very well. The world building was good, could be because I've actually been to Duluth (absolutely lovely town by the way). The characters, relationships and interactions were believable. This is a very quick and enjoyable read. Be warned: it's part of a serial so t [...]

    26. Well, damn. There went my Sunday night. After watching all my GR buddies rave about this, I decided to check it out, figuring I'd read a bit tonight before dinner. That was about four hours ago and I couldn't put it down until I read the last word!! (Sorry kids - on your own for food!)HEATHER!!! I loved this!! It was such a fun, sassy, action-packed read. I loved all of it - the characters, the storyline, the dialogue, the paceellar, stellar job. And I never read stories like this. So, now inste [...]

    27. It was sooooooooooooooooooooooo good!!! Short, but it didn't feel short at all. I think people who like Patricia Briggs and Ilona Andrews will like it. Funny and smart with characters that immediately sucked me into their world. REALLY looking forward to reading more.

    28. I actually want to be best friends with this author. Within the first few pages she made references to all my favorite things in life. I wish there was a character/creature/folklore glossary. I'm interested in the background of the characters.

    29. I received this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. What a Great book. Persephone is a witch with her sisters and missing in action mother. She is almost upon her 27th birthday with she will become immortal and 27 forever. It all started with a little Frost as in Jack frost the King of Winter. Jack is the one guy she never wants to see again but he's back and no giving any reason as why. I can't wait for the next book to come out

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