Losing Nuka WINNER OF THE KINDLE BOOK AWARDS YA CATEGORY An infamous underground fight club for magically gifted Defectives Litmus is where you find out what you re made of That s exactly what twenty one ye

  • Title: Losing Nuka
  • Author: Kayla Howarth
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • WINNER OF THE 2016 KINDLE BOOK AWARDS YA CATEGORY An infamous underground fight club for magically gifted Defectives, Litmus is where you find out what you re made of That s exactly what twenty one year old Nuka James wants most to discover who she really is Called the walking microwave by her friends, Nuka is Defective and has the ability to manipulate heat R WINNER OF THE 2016 KINDLE BOOK AWARDS YA CATEGORY An infamous underground fight club for magically gifted Defectives, Litmus is where you find out what you re made of That s exactly what twenty one year old Nuka James wants most to discover who she really is Called the walking microwave by her friends, Nuka is Defective and has the ability to manipulate heat Raised by adoptive parents, she has spent the last three years searching for her birth mother She finds than she expected when her search leads her to Litmus, and she discovers that her mother is the leader of one of five Litmus fighting teams Now Nuka must fight literally to win her mother s affection As a Litmus fighter, Nuka stands to win money, fame, glory maybe even love If she can survive to enjoy it Litmus is a spin off of The Institute Series While it is set in the same world, and characters from The Institute make appearances, it can be read as a separate, stand alone series.Losing Nuka is a YA NA crossover, suitable for people fifteen years and older.

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    About “Kayla Howarth

    1. Kayla Howarth says:

      As a writer, I lead an extremely exciting life When I m not base jumping, playing my guitar and singing for a sold out crowd, or having tea with the queen Okay, all of these things are lies.The truth is, I live on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, with my husband and son and you ll most likely find me with my laptop on my lap and a coffee in my hand Obsessed with YA fiction, I m still a teenager at heart and live all of my exciting experiences through reading and writing.

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    1. EEEeeeeee! Taking on a brand new series, while still set in the same world as The Institute was a little daunting. Nuka and I had our struggles, so did Brett and I, actually. Okay, a lot of the characters in this book didn't do what I told them to do. They had a mind of their own, but I think it worked out for the better in the end. Here's hoping The Litmus Series lives up to its predecessor.

    2. Excellent spin off from The Institute. I was so lucky and excited to have received an AR copy. Any fan of the Institute series will love this one. It takes place after the war, when Defectives, or now known as Immunes, are trying to find their place in society. The story follows Nuka, Allira's adoptive daughter who never really found her place. Nuka is dying to know about her real mother and seeks her out. But she finds her in the middle of an illegal underground fighting arena for defectives. N [...]

    3. Ok, so I love love loved the Institute series and was so very excited when I heard about this one. But, if you are expecting more of the same, you're in for disappointment. That's not to say it isn't amazing - because I actually think it's Ms. Howarth's best book to date. We already know Nuka, the little girl from The Institute, Paxton's daughter. Well, she's all grown up now and she wants answers. She's been kept in the dark about the events that took place in Defective and no one seems to want [...]

    4. If you are like me and loved Kayla Howarth’s Institute series, you are going to LOVE Losing Nuka. Set in the same world as the Institute series, after the events that unfolded in Defective, Nuka is all grown up and wants answers about her life and where she’s from. When she realises she isn’t going to get what she wants from the parents who raised her, she sets out in search of her birth mother. Little does she know that finding her will turn the world she knew on its head. Soon she is thr [...]

    5. W.O.W This book utterly amazed me. I'm a fan of this Author and have read her other works. She has catapulted to level expert in this novel. Funny, sexy, exciting, unpredictable; everything I love in a story. I truly hope this book gets the attention it deserves. I'll be getting this in print as soon as it's available.

    6. Vastly different from The Institute, and the best yet from Kayla HowarthI was a little uncertain about the Litmus series as a spin off from The Institute. Most of the time this kind of series just feels like the same old story but with new characters, names and places. That is definitely not the case with Litmus. We get to go back to revisit the world of The Institute, but things have changed. It’s years later and the world has progressed in some ways, while the prejudice against Defectives, n [...]

    7. Excited to see the continuation of The Institute world, I jumped at the chance to read an ARC copy of Losing Nuka. Right from the beginning, I felt sorry for Nuka. I mean, here’s a girl who is orphaned, and losing her dad at an early age and given up by her mother, she practically was forced upon Allira and Jayce. And although they have been nothing but supportive, I can certainly understand why she feels lost and wants to seek her birth mother. The anger she feels toward her adoptive parents [...]

    8. Overall it was a good book now I must read the next in the Litmus series. I wanted to slap Nuka and tell her to get over herself. Wanting a mothers love is natural but what a mother she has seriously dysfunctional.

    9. I just had the distinct pleasure of finishing the first book in the Litmus Series, “Losing Nuka”, by Kayla Howarth. Personally, I think you should drop everything and read this book. Maybe call in sick tomorrow, download it to your e-reader and find a quiet place to sit and read. Overall, it was a great adventure!What I LovedI believe that if you want to write a great book, you need to really write great characters. Ms. Howarth has done that masterfully in this book. I really fell in love wi [...]

    10. I gotta be honest, I went into Losing Nuka with HIGH expectations. Coming off of reading the amazing, incredible Institute series, and knowing full well that the hot-off-the-assembly-line Litmus series took place in the same universe as The Institute, with many of the same wonderful and snarky characters, I expected to be dazzled from Page One.What I did NOT expect was that this book would be so very different in tone and in plot. In the previous trilogy, there was something fundamentally, categ [...]

    11. Excellent, gritty story about just how messed up a society can get. I loved every minute of it.For all the gritty backdrop, this is a coming of age story. It just happens to be a coming of age story with underground superhuman fighting in a damaged, but healing world. Nuka leaves her past behind to find out more about her true self. What she finds is shocking even to her.Losing Nuka is book one of a three book series and, not gonna lie here, it ends on a bit of a cliffhanger. Fortunately, the re [...]

    12. I loved Kayla Howarth's The Institute Series. But this book? This one blew me out of the water!Losing Nuka is a continuation of The Institute Series. Only the focus is now on the kids from series one, all grown up and ready to kick serious butt of their own.Howarth continues to impress with her array of well developed characters and crisp writing. I adored Nuka with her sassy, fierce attitude. Brett is the proverbial bad boy you can't help but fall in love with. And the younger sister, Sasha? Ca [...]

    13. Started out strong-heroineHeroine looking to find herself. Enjoyable read as she overcomes obstacles. She has a temper on her, but stands up for what she believes in. However, the adults in her life are very weak. They do not help her when she finally asks for help.While they are trying to take down the 'mob' they are ignoring why everyone is joining them aka the ghetto districts. They are ignoring the bigger picture.Finally. nothing she did made a difference in the book in fact it's almost as i [...]

    14. I guess I went to this a little backwardshahaha. I had added this book and the first book of the Institute on my kindle without knowing that these were related and ended up reading this book first. But aside from my hiccup, I think this book (and series) has an interesting premise. The writing is very well done, although I started to get a little lost in the middle. Seemed like too much was getting packed in but it smoothed out later on. I did get a little frustrated by the main character and th [...]

    15. The book was ok. I was expecting better bc of the great reviews and the previous series. The plot was good, the action moved, the story was ok. What annoyed me the entire book was Nukas attitude about her adopted family and her birth mother. It was a constant thorn in my side the entire time. I don't know if I will continue with this series.

    16. Took me a little while to get into this one but still a great job with clifhangers The institute series is still better so far though. Kayla is definitely a great author and writes her books pretty fast. I'm excited to start the next book

    17. Loved the Institute series, and this definitely lived up to my expectations. I'm currently reading the next in the series, and looking forward to the third instalment due out next year.For anyone who love YA paranormal / fantasy I would definitely recommend.

    18. You know that dread/hope you have when you start a new series. Fear not! You will not regret your (time) investment in this one. The only negative is that I couldn't put it down and now I have to wait for the 2nd book.

    19. although this series can be read separately from The Institute, Defective and The Resistance, I love that we are still in the same world as these stories. I can't wait for the next installment

    20. Loved it! I certainly didn't expect the last few twists (I'm always captain obvious)! Loved how the book came together! On to book two now!

    21. Great BookGreat Book and I have to read the book 2 and see what happenedThank you for letting me read this book

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