Paris Nocturne An accident a vanishing a memory gap a strange dream a classic noir work of fiction by Nobel laureate Patrick Modiano This uneasy compelling novel begins with a nighttime accident on the streets o

  • Title: Paris Nocturne
  • Author: Patrick Modiano Phoebe Weston-Evans
  • ISBN: 9780300215885
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Paperback
  • An accident, a vanishing, a memory gap, a strange dream a classic noir work of fiction by Nobel laureate Patrick Modiano This uneasy, compelling novel begins with a nighttime accident on the streets of Paris The unnamed narrator, a teenage boy, is hit by a car whose driver he vaguely recalls having met before The mysterious ensuing events, involving a police van, a doseAn accident, a vanishing, a memory gap, a strange dream a classic noir work of fiction by Nobel laureate Patrick Modiano This uneasy, compelling novel begins with a nighttime accident on the streets of Paris The unnamed narrator, a teenage boy, is hit by a car whose driver he vaguely recalls having met before The mysterious ensuing events, involving a police van, a dose of ether, awakening in a strange hospital, and the disappearance of the woman driver, culminate in a packet being pressed into the boy s hand It is an envelope stuffed full of bank notes The confusion only deepens as the characters grow increasingly apprehensive meanwhile, readers are held spellbound Modiano s low key writing style, his preoccupation with memory and its untrustworthiness, and his deep concern with timeless moral questions have earned him an international audience of devoted readers This beautifully rendered translation brings another of his finest works to an eagerly waiting English language audience Paris Nocturne has been named a perfect book by Lib ration, while L Express observes, Paris Nocturne is cloaked in darkness, but it is a novel that is turned toward the light.

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    1. Patrick Modiano Phoebe Weston-Evans says:

      Patrick Modiano is a French language novelist and winner of the 2014 Nobel Prize in Literature.He is a winner of the Grand prix du roman de l Acad mie fran aise in 1972, the Prix Goncourt in 1978 for his novel Rue des boutiques obscures and of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2014.Modiano s parents met in occupied Paris during World War II and began their relationship in semi clandestinity Modiano s childhood took place in a unique atmosphere between the absence of his father of which he heard many troubled stories and his mother s frequent tours, he had to complete his secondary education by government aid This brought him closer to his brother, Rudy, who died of a disease at age 10 the works of Patrick Modiano from 1967 to 1982 are dedicated to him This disappearance announced the end of the author s childhood, who continued to hold a marked nostalgia for this period.Modiano studied at the cole du Montcel primary school in Jouy en Josas, at the Coll ge Saint Joseph de Th nes in Haute Savoie, and then at the Lyc e Henri IV high school in Paris While he was at Henri IV, he took geometry lessons from writer Raymond Queneau, who was a friend of Modiano s mother He received his baccalaureate at Annecy but didn t proceed with his higher education.His meeting with Queneau, the author of Zazie dans le m tro, is crucial Modiano was introduced to the literary world by Queneau, and this gave him the opportunity to attend a cocktail party given by publishing house ditions Gallimard He published his first novel, La Place de l toile, with them in 1968, after having read the manuscript to Raymond Queneau Starting that year, he did nothing but write.On September 12, 1970, Modiano married Dominique Zerhfuss I have a catastrophic souvenir of the day of our marriage It rained A real nightmare Our groomsmen were Queneau, who had mentored Patrick since his adolescence, and Malraux, a friend of my father They started to argue about Dubuffet, and it was like we were watching a tennis match That said, it would have been funny to have some photos, but the only person who had a camera forgot to bring the film There is only one photo remaining of us, from behind and under an umbrella Interview with Elle, 6 October 2003 From their marriage came two girls, Zina 1974 and Marie 1978.Modiano has mentioned on Oct 9, 2014, during an interview with La Grande Librairie, that one of the books which had a great impact on his writing life was Le c ur est un chasseur solitaire The Heart is a Lonely Hunter , the first novel published by Carson McCullers in 1940 Arabic

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    1. "In the streets at night, I had the impression I was living another life, a more captivating one, or quite simply, that I was dreaming another life." Paris Nocturne is an intriguing novel about a young man uniquely prone to dreams (rêves) of the past. From its opening sentences, in which Modiano's unnamed narrator loses his memory in a car accident, to its conclusion ("I think there's something you're hiding from me"), one isn't quite sure, and one doesn't quite mind, if what is happening to Mo [...]

    2. Modiano has created a disquieting, disorienting atmosphere that continues to the novel's end. what is real? what is memory? what is real memory? This was not an easy read for me because of the continual blurring of past and present, memory with what may be reality. Modiano is expert at consistency with this somewhat tortured character, a young man, and with the telling of the tale. His concerns are with inability to trust memory, the moral dilemmas that occur in our lives and how we deal with th [...]

    3. Whenever I read a book by Modiano, his words have the effect of temporarily making me feel as though I'm one of his characters. Without meaning to, I find myself staring out windows, sighing almost constantly, and walking alone down busy streets at night. I find myself feeling marooned in my own head and jumping to conclusions unprovoked. Paris Nocturne, despite being another in a long line of ennui heavy, almost stereotypically French novels, is no exception. It's filled to the brim with half-s [...]

    4. Paris Nocturne is one of Nobel winner Patrick Modiano’s later “novels” (it’s really a novella). I don’t know much about Modiano, but from what I understand this novel (and some of his others) has a strong autobiographical element. The novel, told in the first-person, opens with a young (21) unnamed man being struck by a car in Paris. He has some injuries, though not life threatening. His memory however seems impacted. But was this a condition that existed before the accident. Was it po [...]

    5. Quite a surreal experience reading this novel. A car accident on a Parisian street draws you into the narrator's world of elusive will-o-the-wisp memories which may or may not be reliable. The atmosphere is dreamlike and brooding. I haven't read the author before but I thoroughly enjoyed this. Loved the setting, a darker more sinister Paris.

    6. There is a mild Kafka-like feeling that permeates this novel, in mood, mystery, in the concern with bureaucracy. I'd like to read it a second time. I am often a better reader the second time about.

    7. I expected to join the chorus of English-speaking readers saying Modiano isn't all he's cracked up to be - but actually, I rather liked this dreamlike novella. I was very sleepy whilst reading most of it, which augmented the atmosphere. It's more precisely dreamlike than a lot of works that get the label: following no waking logic, certain things are in detailed, sharp focus; others fuzzy or unremembered or unmentioned. Like dreams from the same night, there are episodes which have connections a [...]

    8. I had not heard of Patrick Modiano until he was the recipient of the 2014 Nobel prize for literature. Since then this was my second Modiano novel and I am intrigued to keep reading his oeuvre.His style is atmospheric and moody, with noir themes of memory, identity and loss. Darkly ethereal, Paris Nocturne keeps you second-guessing your own comprehension of the story, the substantiation of events, and the nature of the protagonist's unease. This is the finest exposition of elegant, captivating no [...]

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    10. sarà sta nebbia pennellata su una parigi notturna da bravo stereotipo, ma qui a brancolare nel buio non sono gli inquirenti come nei gialli malscritti, è proprio il lettore. catapultato in una storia senza capo né coda. e anche se non c'è pioggia a rendere viscido l'asfalto, già intorno a pagina 40 slitto e rischio di perdere il controllo. forse un colpo di sonno, forse questa processione di donne misteriose che fanno capolino tra passato e presente, e ce ne fosse anche solo una a dare un m [...]

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    13. The original French title of Paris Nocturne is Accident nocturne, which, for me, puts a slightly different focus on the book. Life is a series of accidental events, and in this pensive account, the unnamed narrator is looking back on an accident that he had at some unspecified time a long time ago when he was about to turn twenty-one. This accident, and other accidental events that swirl around it, has been preying on his mind for a long time…The book would have put me in mind of Suspended Sen [...]

    14. Sono bastate le prime note su Parigi per farmi capire che questo romanzo di Modiano avrebbe potuto piacermi molto. La Parigi descritta da Modiano non è la Parigi delle luci scintillanti e sfavillanti. E' una Parigi dalle tinte fosche, dai "colori neri e grigi" che contraddistinguono anche i vari personaggi. Anche in questo romanzo, come ne "L'orizzonte", i personaggi hanno qualcosa di misterioso e imperscrutabile, che per lo stesso lettore risulta difficile riuscire ad entrare in contatto con l [...]

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    16. As a writer my themes are landscape, memory and identity. It took me a while to realise this (4 manuscripts) but now that I’m aware I do sometimes ponder why. Not surprisingly, I’m drawn to fiction that deals with the same themes. It’s a wonder that I hadn’t heard of him before but thank goodness Patrick Modiano was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature late last year and he came under my radar. Here was my literary godfather!“Modiano’s novels all delve into the puzzle of identity, [...]

    17. Back in 2014 when Modiano won the Nobel Prize in Literature it came as a complete surprise to the vast majority of the world. Not only were his works little-known outside of his native France, but for the most part they weren’t even available in any other language but French. There’s nothing like a Nobel Prize to motivate publishers and translators, though, so when I went to my local bookstore I wasn’t surprised to find that they had available more than half a dozen English translations of [...]

    18. Sometimes I love this writing style, but I wanted dialouge, of course that could just be my current reading mood. I had a hard time flowing with this story, that aside the grasp it has on me is the hazy subject of memory and strange incidents in our lives. There are times where names and other strange things just flit about on the edge of our unreliable memory- like strange creatures we try to catch as they fly away. Jacqueline Beausergent is the driver of the car that hits our narrator, this ac [...]

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    22. This is the first book I've read by Modiano and it was probably not a wise choice.The internal conflict between the leading character and himself flows smoothly during his surreal quest for everything, and complicated inner thoughts of the man are described by mean of an undemanding language so that you can cope with the complexity of the main character. There isn't anything such as a regular plot in the story but there is a detailed and carefully painted image of an unknown man who is wandering [...]

    23. Patrick Modiano may not be the most household name to win the Nobel Prize, but it's concise literary gems like Paris Nocturne that can give you a rich insight into the way an author can probe the complexities of time, place and memory. Here, a man becomes disoriented in the streets of Paris in the wake of a car accident. It is almost as if we are searching for the crime itself.It's only a few hours of reading, and it's most definitely time well spent.

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    27. This is a haunting story about memory, the past and the “eternal return” or the sense that you have already meet someone before in the course of your life.The narrator of this story is a young man who, one night in Paris, has been hit by a car. The car was driven by a woman and they are both taken to the hospital. Upon his release from the hospital he spends days or weeks looking for the woman driver, who he feels he has meet somewhere before, in another accident when he was just a child. He [...]

    28. I just read Accident Nocturne. I used to be a great Modiano fan, I had read them all, but the last book I'd read was Dora Bruder, which I rather liked --- I've been living too far away from France, and I quite simply don't read in French anymore. What with the summer period and a trip to France I decided to read the latest Modianos, since he is after all one of my favourite authors. Disappointed. I did give two stars, because it's Modiano, but if I'd been honest with myself I'd have given only o [...]

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