Always A Choice An alternate title cover for this ASIN can be found here Dark and erotically demanding Daniel is everything and Bethany embraces the challenge of being with a man like Daniel whilst trying to come t

  • Title: Always A Choice
  • Author: Dee Palmer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 182
  • Format: ebook
  • An alternate title cover for this ASIN can be found here.Dark and erotically demanding Daniel is everything and , Bethany embraces the challenge of being with a man like Daniel whilst trying to come to terms with what he needs and what she can give him of herself Is it ever going to be enough Daniel consumes and possess every part of her, its intoxicating and seductiAn alternate title cover for this ASIN can be found here.Dark and erotically demanding Daniel is everything and , Bethany embraces the challenge of being with a man like Daniel whilst trying to come to terms with what he needs and what she can give him of herself Is it ever going to be enough Daniel consumes and possess every part of her, its intoxicating and seductive Bethany needs to choose between being true to herself and the promises she made and being the type woman Daniel demands.

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    1. Dee Palmer says:

      Dee Palmer lives just outside of London with her husband and slightly embarrassed children Her passion is writing sexy steamy romance stories that will scorch the pages right off your kindle and are guaranteed to make your heart pound She loves an HEA but isn t afraid to put her readers through the ringer before she delivers When not at her desk she can be found either fannying around on Facebook or with her nose stuck in her Kindle Once in a while when the lights are down she might be spotted about town searching for the best French martinis and throwing some dubious shapes on the dance floor.Stalk me On My web blogsite deepalmerwriter Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Oooh and Pinterest if you like it hot

    2 thoughts on “Always A Choice

    1. This is book #2 in the Choices trilogy and you must really read book #1 as this follows on from there and as such, this review may contain some spoilers, although I will do my best to keep them to a minimum.Ooh! I loved this book! There are more ups and downs than a twisting roller coaster. Bethany has been swept off her feet and although things haven't always been smooth sailing, things are looking upif only she can get the dominant man in her life to relax his iron fist slightly.Although I li [...]

    2. ** Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review **The second book in the Choices Trilogy left us spellbound.We are once again drawn into Bethany and Daniel’s lives.Bethany has survived the sinister antics of her deranged sister, saved by Daniel. Things run smoothly for them both for a while until Daniels ex reappears and asks for his assistance.When Daniel offers his help to Angel, he can’t understand why Bethany sees this as a total deal breaker.Are we all destined to live our live [...]

    3. My comments apply to all three parts in the series. This trilogy by Dee Palmer started out great as in fulfilling all of my guilty pleasure tropes in one delicious romance. Dirty, kinky billionaire meets virginal, sexually corruptable damsel in distress. Unfortunately, in part two and three the mini-series forfeited its new favourite status and what remained was me wanting to slap the hero silly. He's full of mistrust and prefers to believe the heroine's evil sister. And not enough, in part thre [...]

    4. Oh my what an emotion, sexy and a bit twist of a book this was to read! I couldn't get enough of the sexy alpha man Daniel, but at times I wanted to smack him stupid! But Bethany is one lucky girl, although I think my claws would have come out a lot sooner then hers! This book is more of the balance that they figure out together and then of course there's the crazy twist that makes you want to jump right into the book! I can't wait to get reading the next book!

    5. Well we continue on with Daniel and Bethany they are doing well. I'm so happy this is hot! Secrets from the past are revealed I want to punch someone! Omg really! AHHH We are introduced to some great me characters oh I'm liking this Ethan yes please. Not going to lie I'm feeling like switching teams! I think Bethany needs a wake up call!

    6. this book didn't seem to have too much drama till the end still an excellent book just a little less drama than the first or third one. Daniel has pissed me off till no end and still doing so in the 3rd book. ugh! this is a must read trilogy!

    7. Reading onPretty good the real drama doesn't really start until the end. At least it gives a real cliffhanger at the end of this book.

    8. These 2 I'm not sure if I want to squeeze them right OR shake them DANIELDaniel .Daniel.I definitely want to shake him ter this one . We learn a lot more about Daniel's past in this second installment of this seriesd like most people's past it can come back to bite you in the butt and NOT in a good way I'm guessing this author must not be American cause some of the terms and things were lost on me but I just looked them up and kept reading n't let something like that stop a GREAT book .e that's [...]

    9. SpeechlessBy the end of this book I am absolutely speechless over Daniel and his actions. Bethany finds her father and brother and starts to build a life with them in it. Daniel is jealous and consistent in his need to protect her. But he is incapable of protecting her from the pain and anguish he rains down on her. For a smart businessman he is actually really stupid when it comes to the women who are out to destroy his relationship with her. For me the last third of this story was difficult to [...]

    10. I know it only came out yesterday but I have been really looking forward to this and I read none stop. I have the bags under my eyes to prove it. Was is worth it? Hell yeah!!! Couldn't put it down, none of the middle book flatness that can come with trying to stretch a story over three books when it could be done in two. I could read this all over again right now. I just hope the next one is really out in May because man that ending. Loved it in case you are not getting that go buy it now!!

    11. This book was amazing!! It pulled at my heartstrings and left me gasping more than once but the hot alpha male that is Daniel Stone will make you fall in love with him he is a man who always gets what he wants in life but he meets his match in Bethany but he totally consumes her as he will you if you read this book so please don't hesitate to buy this book a fantastic read!! Well done Dee Palmer❤️

    12. I'm not a fast reader but luckily we've had a bank holiday so I was able to non stop read this little number. Dee didn't disappoint, this book is so good, smart and sexy. I fell more in love with the characters as they try to move their relationship on, Daniel is super hot and more than enough Alpha for me thank you very much. Perhaps a little dirtier than the first but i'm not complaining! Really great series can't wait to see where Dee takes us.riously after that ending I CANT WAIT!!

    13. I loved how this book showcased Daniel and Bethany's relationship. The banter between the two is hot, the sex between them is hot and the drama around them is always entertaining. Of course I was waiting for the other shoe to drop and who would have thought being "selfless" would be misunderstood as being selfish in a twisted way. I do hope things work out between Daniel and Bets. I'm sure the third book promises answers to all my questions and suspicions.

    14. Urggghhh this book!!! I absolutely loved this book, the romance, the chemistry, the story was all perfect. I loved Daniel from the start of the first book and continued to do so until this book. I have never been so tempted to throw my kindle at the wall. Full of ups and downs, misunderstandings and Daniel been Daniel, this book sucked me in and spat me out. Absolutely love this series.

    15. OMG this book got getting deeper and deeper by the page! Absolutely loving the characters although extremely frustrating at times! Daniel is soooo hot! I have to say i wanted to scream when this finished ! Dee Palmer how dare you leave me hanging on such a fine thread! Am now desperate for book 3! Get it out !

    16. fictionalmenspageforbookhos.blREAD AND REVIEWED ON BEHALF OF FICTIONAL MENS PAGE FOR BOOK HOS facebook/pages/Fictio/user/show/2

    17. Again I loved this trilogy so much I finished all three full length books in a weekend!! Dee Palmer not only gives you two main characters to love but also many secondary ones to love and hate! There are so many layers to this story that once you start it's almost impossible to stop reading until you finish the series! Thanks again Dee❤️

    18. Oh my!!! Could not put this down! Loved the pace and the passion. The characters I just fell more in love with and I didn't want it to end I certainly didn't want it to end like that!!! Damn you Dee my heart hurts and literally can not wait for May. I don't get to read a great deal but if you had to pick one trilogy this year or the next pick up The Choices Trilogy-you won't be disappointed.

    19. I was privileged enough to get an ARC of this book. Dee does it again with this one. There is no disappoint in this book. Daniel is just as hot and dominat in this one. Don't hesitate to buy this book.

    20. Omg! This booked upped the anti a bit from book 1 and had me hooked. I feel so invested in the characters that I constantly need more. Not liking Daniel as much as I want to and seriously detesting angel.

    21. Was wishing the days away for this book to download on my kindle.i lost hours and wasn't very family friendly for 4,how can you leave poor Bethany hanging and distraught like that,mean.i really need third book now!!

    22. Choices are always thereDaniel and Bets are just as explosive and sexy as ever. Then steps in Ethan. WOW!what a savior for her. Cant wait to read the next. Oh Angel yea still a bitch.

    23. The second volume is better than the first!Book #1 was awesome. Book #2 does not disappoint you. I could not put it down. Can't wait for Book #3

    24. Daniel! Daniel! Daniel! Bets needs to own a nice size "Iron Skillet" to hit you over the head cause you are truly stupidly dense! WTF!!!

    25. After reading book#1, I wasn't sure what to expect in reading this book but honestly it was so good. It kept playing with my emotions and I loved how everything played out.

    26. TrustAlways A Choice (The Choices Trilogy Book #2) by Dee Palmer• Trust WOW! This series has a real gripping storyline, it'll get its hooks into you and won't let you loose until the end Well honestly, not then because you'll want to know what happens with the next part of the series! This is an emotional love story. Bethany and Daniel's chemistry is off the charts, but is it enough? Can overprotective, dominant, stalker type alpha male Daniel and easy going broken girl rebuilding her life Bet [...]

    27. So good and yet SO frustrating. It was great all the way up til the end which was a cliffhanger and a WTF moment for sure! As soon as I finished, I had to start reading book 3 because I must know what happens right now!! Although I had put book 3 down because I found myself skip reading because I was infuriated with Daniel's choice and Bethany's responses. So this is a warning for those that read this book, read it early in the day so you can grab book 3 and read it SLOWLY so you don't devour it [...]

    28. Slow to start but gripping the rest of the way.Daniel is a grade A dick and really is dense sometimes. I wanted to reach in and kick him in a balls ALOT. I swear to Christ he better pull his finger out in book 3.Bethany deserves it.

    29. Talk about emotional. I am crying just writing this.The challenges that Daniel and Bethany face are heartbreaking and not fair.A definite must readC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review by Sweet Treats Book Blog.

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