Fallen Mangrove A Spanish treasure ship is driven by a hurricane onto the rocky shoreline of Elbow Cay in September of Few of the crew survive but they manage to salvage most of the treasure and bury it on the

  • Title: Fallen Mangrove
  • Author: Wayne Stinnett
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Spanish treasure ship is driven by a hurricane onto the rocky shoreline of Elbow Cay in September of 1566 Few of the crew survive, but they manage to salvage most of the treasure and bury it on the island, leaving a clue to its location on a coconut.Four hundred and forty years later, Jesse McDermitt and his friends solve the riddle that was carved into the coconut andA Spanish treasure ship is driven by a hurricane onto the rocky shoreline of Elbow Cay in September of 1566 Few of the crew survive, but they manage to salvage most of the treasure and bury it on the island, leaving a clue to its location on a coconut.Four hundred and forty years later, Jesse McDermitt and his friends solve the riddle that was carved into the coconut and hidden inside a chest found encased in an ancient mangrove tree.When the Miami based Croatian mob learns about the treasure they go to great lengths and expense, in an attempt to relieve Jesse and his friends of the riches.A demented, hyper sexed island woman also wants it for her own, as does a Miami attorney who is married to Jesse s estranged daughter.As the body count grows, will the crew of Gaspar s Revenge find the treasure or become one of the island s statistics

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      176 Wayne Stinnett
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    1. Wayne Stinnett says:

      I m a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps and now, a full time novelist Between those careers, I ve also worked as a deckhand, commercial fisherman, divemaster, taxi driver, construction manager, and truck driver I live in the Sea Islands, near Beaufort, SC, with my wife and youngest daughter We also have three grown children, five grand children, three dogs and a whole flock of parakeets I grew up in Melbourne, FL and have also lived in the Florida Keys and Cozumel, MX.You can like me on Facebook, to get updates at facebook WayneStinnet

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    1. Finished reading: September 1st 2016"In a riddle, Charlie said as she came across the clearing, a subtle difference in wording is huge."(view spoiler)[I got this title a long while back as a kindle freebie thinking it would be a historical fiction read about a treasure hunt. I should have read more carefully, because Fallen Mangrove has little to do with historical fiction apart from the first chapter or so. It's actually a full blown action thriller that has a bit of a Rambo/Die Hard feeling go [...]

    2. This was another page turner! Jesse reunites with his youngest daughter in this episode and, after another harrowing adventure, begins to consider his responsibilities as a father to live a less dangerous life. This mission concerned a treasure map. Jesse and crew got all the correct salvage permits and informed the governments to do it all legally, but two different groups of thieves set upon them. There was much excitement. On to the next book!

    3. Fallen Mangrove: Jesse McDermitt (Caribbean series #5)Jesse get reunited with his youngest daughter and she is indeed a McDermitt, cut from the same cloth, she's an excellent swimmer, great shot, and only 17, but a high school graduate. Duece and Jesse get involved in tracking sunken Spanish treasure that dates back to the 1533 era. This all from a carved coconut, kept in a trunk that had been in the family for generations, passed down, from father to son, all the way to Nikki, Bob's wife, and o [...]

    4. Great Action and Unforgettable CharactersAm enjoying the intrigue and escapades of McDermott and his island cohorts. There's something so satisfying about going along with him while he takes out the bad guys with his own brand of justice. The tropical island life and bond of loyalty between principal characters is inspiring. If I had one criticism, it would be that sometimes there is more navigation info and jargon than the average reader wants or needs. I'm sure that boat or other pilots follow [...]

    5. 'Fallen Mangrove' was a great addition to an awesome series. The story line kept me glued to the pages. Full of action, thrilling scenarios, gorgeous islands and great characters. Jesse is quite the captain. And not only of his boat, but his island as well. He's an all around great leader. I look forward to reading the next book. A great add to your tbr list.

    6. Excellent book, although there were more unanswered questions throughout this one, and it was a little harder to follow than the previous works. I'm reading #6 now, so we'll see if this was intentional and important to the continuing story.

    7. Great ReadEnjoying this author and characters immensely! Not a dull moment, and absolutely no boring parts. Can't wait to start the next one!

    8. Great suspense Wonderful read with plenty of action, suspense, romance and even a little family fun. All around well written piece of word art!!!

    9. Great book.Really linked this book. Very entertaining and fast paced. Enjoy hearing more about Jesse and the band of rogues he pals around with

    10. I enjoy his books. He writes about the Keys and Miami. His friends are great and I enjoy their activities. He makes it real.

    11. I like this series, I like the characters and even though some of the plots are a bit over the top, they are usually a great read. However there were quite a few problems with this book.This is the 5th book in the series so why are so many pages devoted to explaining everybody’s past, there relationship with each other, what type of boat they drive, how big its engines are etc etc etc. I know there might be a few people who just pick up this book and read it as a one off, but surely the vast m [...]

    12. Fallen Mangrove is by far the best book in the Jesse McDermitt series to date. The format here is similar to Clive Cussler and his Dirk Pitt adventures at seais story begins in the 15th century and then moves to present time with Jesse and company. Somebody had double-crossed Jesse and planted a bug on his boat several weeks earlier, and unknowingly, the team continues working diligently on board to decipher a cryptic coconut that has passed through several generations of Doc's family. The third [...]

    13. The fifth Jesse McDermitt action adventure (including the prequel). A very fun read and like most action adventures, one needs to check credulity at the door.If Stinnett needs Jesse to be able to fly a DeHavilland Otter with pontoons to make the story work, he gives Jesse 100 hours of prior seat time in that plane. If later in the story Jesse needs to be able fly a helicopter, he gives him 80 hours of bootleg Huey time. Of course Stinnett's description of the Florida Keys is what makes this whol [...]

    14. "On The Sea, In The Air, Jesse McDermitt Solves The Mystery"In 1556, a Spanish treasure ship is lost in a hurricane near Elbow Cay. Only a few sailors survive and even managed to salvage most of the treasure. They bury the treasure on the island, leaving a clue of it's existence in a young mangrove tree. Now it's up to Jesse McDermitt and his pals to solve the riddle that is housed in a small water-proof box. But, as usual, they'll be in competition with a Miami based Coatian Mob, and there are [...]

    15. This is an exceptionally well written book that captures not only your sense of excitement, but also your heart. Readers will love 'All' the characters mainly because of their depth of development. Each and every one of them, good and dab, are written so well, you'll wonder if they are in fact, 'real people'. Wayne Is a masterful storyteller who's plots are not only realistic, but woven in a way that captivated me from page oneI give ALL his books, and I've read every one of them, a sincere 'Fiv [...]

    16. Book Five. Sigh. I am not looking forward the this series being overThere are seven booksThis book deals with treasure lost at sea hundreds of years ago. A sad story. With a clue found and handed down for generations, Jesse helps a young couple figure it outd they are in for a fight. The bad guys are all over this, and Jesse and friends don't know how they can have all the info they do. Danger abounds and another story grabs you and takes you to the breathless end. Phew!

    17. Most EntertainingI thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, it moved along quite nicely ad maintained my attention throughout. The maritime part of the tale kept me engaged particularly as I hold a Yachtmasters certificate which, although in sail, led me to a better understanding of what was happening. Look forward to reading other adventures in the figure

    18. I personally love marine suspense novels and this book didn't let me down from page one till the end.Who doesn't like a novel about sunken treasure? This book brands you immediately and keeps up the suspense through excellent writing skills. Something old and some things new and something for everyone. Can't wait till I read his next book.

    19. I abandoned this book long ago after reading about 30% of it. For some reason it never attracted me to return to it and finish. I would have to return and read some more in order to put more concrete reasons behind my disinterest, and I'm just not interested enough to re-start it. (Too many other bargain books in my bookshelf just waiting to be read!)

    20. Probably the best of the series - at least I think so! The character of Jesse seemed more real than the other books, although his qualifications as a pilot of a sea plane AND a helicopter were rather serendipitous. The bad guys were not as bad as bad can be, but were sufficient to warrant the title. A good book, a good read, and plenty of fun along the way!

    21. Fun read on the KeysEnjoyed this story primarily for the descriptions of boating and the nearby islands in the Florida Keys. Interesting good guy macho men vs bad guys and, appropriately the good guys win!

    22. Fallen Mangrove: A Jesse McDermott Novel (Caribbean Adventure Series Book 5)Spy, treasure, murder, and the open sea. If you love or like non romance story you love this book. OK adventure ypou liked this one.

    23. Too many playersI have always enjoyed the Jesse McDermott books but this one just had too many charactersI had to keep rereading to keep them straightMaybe my concentration was offIt was still a pretty good read just not great

    24. I have stumbled across this book series and cannot read them fast enough. With that said, this book is not nearly as enjoyable as the first 4. Seems the story was rushed and there were so many groups of characters it was very hard to keep everyone straight.

    25. Another winner.I've read all of Wayne Stinnett's books and this did not disappoint. I had trouble keeping all the characters straight but that just means I'll need to read it again for the things I missed. That's a good thing!

    26. Fallen mangroveA different story than most of the others in the series in that it was a freelance adventure instead of just a "save the U.S." spiel. Same characters and interest though. Need to read more.

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