As Red as Blood In the midst of the freezing Arctic winter seventeen year old Lumikki Andersson walks into her school s dark room and finds a stash of wet crimson colored money Thousands of Euros left to dry splatt

  • Title: As Red as Blood
  • Author: Salla Simukka Owen F. Witesman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In the midst of the freezing Arctic winter, seventeen year old Lumikki Andersson walks into her school s dark room and finds a stash of wet, crimson colored money Thousands of Euros left to dry splattered with someone s blood.Lumikki lives alone in a studio apartment far from her parents and the past she left behind She transferred into a prestigious art school, and she In the midst of the freezing Arctic winter, seventeen year old Lumikki Andersson walks into her school s dark room and finds a stash of wet, crimson colored money Thousands of Euros left to dry splattered with someone s blood.Lumikki lives alone in a studio apartment far from her parents and the past she left behind She transferred into a prestigious art school, and she s singularly focused on studying and graduating Lumikki ignores the cliques, the gossip, and the parties held by the school s most popular and beautiful boys and girls.But finding the blood stained money changes everything Suddenly, Lumikki is swept into a whirlpool of events as she finds herself helping to trace the origins of the money Events turn even deadly when evidence points to dirty cops and a notorious drug kingpin best known for the brutality with which he runs his business.As Lumikki loses control of her carefully constructed world, she discovers that she s been blind to the forces swirling around her and she s running out of time to set them right When she sees the stark red of blood on snow, it may be too late to save her friends or herself.

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      373 Salla Simukka Owen F. Witesman
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    1. Salla Simukka Owen F. Witesman says:

      EN Salla Simukka is Finnish writer and translator who lives in Tampere She has studied Nordic philology, Finnish language, general literature, creative writing and women s studies at the University of Turku.Besides books, Simukka writes book reviews for the newspapers Helsinkin Sanomat and H meen Sanomat Salla Simukka on Tampereella asuva suomalainen kirjailija ja suomentaja H n on opiskellut Turun yliopistossa pohjoismaista filologiaa, suomen kielt , yleist kirjallisuustiedett , luovaa kirjoittamista ja naistutkimusta.Kirjojen lis ksi Simukka kirjoittaa kirja arvosteluja Helsingin Sanomiin ja H meen Sanomiin.

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    1. “A noose around the neck was still a noose even if it was encrusted with diamonds.”H Salla Simukka είναι γνωστή Φιλανδέζα συγγραφέας ενώ η τριλογία της Snow White έχει αποσπάσει τις καλύτερες κριτικές στην χώρα της αλλά και έξω από αυτήν. Ένα πάντρεμα σκανδιναβικής αστυνομικής λογοτεχνίας με ya fantasy. Πρωταγωνίστρια μας [...]

    2. (Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to Publishing and NetGalley.)I found this book really boring. It didn’t suck me in, I didn’t really get the fairy-tale references, and the main character made some pretty suspect decisions. The other characters all seemed less than intelligent, and why anyone would think that finding a bag full of blood-covered money was a good thing I don’t know.I really don’t want to read the sequel.4 out of 10

    3. Μια μαθήτρια που προσπαθεί να περνά απαρατήρητη, βρίσκεται μπλεγμένη άθελά της σε μια υπόθεση διαφθοράς. Η ιστορία κυλάει γρήγορα, χωρίς να έχει το "κάτι" διαφορετικό.

    4. Η σκανδιναβική αστυνομική λογοτεχνία έχει κατακτήσει τα τελευταία χρόνια τα ράφια των ελληνικών βιβλιοπωλείων και όχι άδικα αφού όλοι φαίνεται να την αγαπούν ιδιαιτέρως εκτός ίσως από μένα.Όταν λοιπόν κυκλοφόρησε το «κόκκινη σαν το αίμα» μου κέντρισε το ενδιαφέρον μιας [...]

    5. 1.5 StarsLumikki is a loner. She has built walls around herself as a form of survival. She was ruthlessly bullying during elementary/middle school years and couldn't even find solace at home. To her, home was just as bad but for different reasons. She knew her parents loved her, but always felt they kept her at arms length. Now she is living alone while she attends a prestigious art school. Here she has finally been able to find a place where she is truly happy, the school's dark room. She is on [...]

    6. If I was a teenager, or maybe even early 20's, I would probably give this book 4 stars, or possibly even 4 1/2. But as an adult and a writer, there were a great many details (in plot and writing style) that bugged me, and I feel 3 stars is being slightly generous. It is difficult to know whether these annoyances are because of the author herself, or because of the translation, which can sometimes screw things up. I am trying to be fair here.As with all the books I receive through 's Kindle First [...]

    7. I completely enjoyed this!I wasn't sure what to expect (all the reviews were in Finnish) but I know that I love books with fairy tale twists and I adore mystery/thrillers. (Plus I haven't read enough!) The first chapter made me dubious, but then INTRODUCING Lumikki! And the book escalated to awesome.It's written in a more "thriller/mystery" style.So there's more POVs than just Lumikki and it's in 3rd person. I'm not keen on multiple POVs. I just don't connect to characters you only see for half [...]

    8. Salla Simukan Punainen kuin veri aloittaa nuorille tarkoitetun Lumikki Anderssonista kertovan trilleritrilogian. Lumikki Anderssson on suomenruotsalainen 17-vuotias lukiolainen. Lumikki kävi Tampereella lukiota, sillä kotikaupunkiin Hämeenlinnaan liittyi vakavia ristiriitoja, jotka hän halusi jättää taakse ja aloittaa puhtaalta pöydältä.Samassa hän tajusi, että jotain oli vialla. Jokin oli väärin. Joku oli liian lähellä.Hän tajusi sen liian myöhään.Ongelmat eivät jätä Lumi [...]

    9. الحمد لله انتهيت . عندما بدات الكتاب لم يعجبني حيث كان مملا قليلا ولَم تعجبني شخصية لوميكيولكن بعد ذلك تعودت عليها والاحداث بدات تصبح مثيرة الشيء الوحيد الذي لم يعجبني انه لا يوجد فاصل عندما تعود للزمن للوراء وفيما بعد تعود للواقع انتظر الجزء الثاني والثالث لمعرفة ماذا سي [...]

    10. И първата книга за годината е прочетена. „Червена като кръв“ е интересна книга, притежаваща в себе си щипка от мистерия, криминале, загадки и тайни.Много харесах, че действието в книгата се развива във Финландия, защото за първи път чета книга с развиване на действието там. [...]

    11. Цялото ревю:booksomnia/chervena-kato-k„Червена като кръв“ е книга за грешните избори и тежките последствия от тях. Книга за това как погрешно взетите решения на различни хора, на пръв поглед нямащи нищо общо помежду си, могат да се съберат в едно като парченца от пъзел, а картината се п [...]

    12. Bulgarian review: bookishipster.wordpress/2Actual rating:3.5 stars.Now that's a really quick read! I'll probably spend more time writing its review than i spend reading it. It was fast-paced, quite entertaining and overall good. It wasn't something spectacular or amazing, but i still liked it. The fact that it is finnish was also really interesting - i found the descriptions of the places and the whole atmosphere really enjoyable. I didn't really connect to any of the characters that much though [...]

    13. This book is so dull, I guess perhaps is the translation that made this book so lacking? Thank you netgalley for proving me this book

    14. Hmmm. I quite like this one! When I initially picked up AS RED AS BLOOD, the first issue I ran into, believe it or not, was the fact that it was pitched as Six of Crows meets Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. And I know that pitches are usually so very off, and that they mean nothing, but the comparison to SoC a)made me miss that series so much, and b)gave me the impression that AS RED AS BLOOD was either very confident, or is going to be setting itself up for failure. Apparently, ARaB is very confid [...]

    15. This YA novel in translation from Finnish has many of the hallmarks of the series it's been compared to, Stieg Larsson's The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. That's not a bad thing, though. The writing here is tighter, though it follows some of the same overly-detailed contours which make me wonder if that's a particular writing style or done purposefully to be similar to Larsson's series. Lumikki lives by herself in a small apartment while she's attending an arts school. When she stumbles upon mone [...]

    16. A estória: Um thriller com suficientes peripécias para nos prender a atenção( 3 estrelas )A protagonista: Uma rapariga solitária com um passado algo negro que cresce ajudando os outros e enfrentando corajosamente os seus medos. Uma personagem interessante ( mais uma estrela )O resultado final: Um bom livro para quem gosta de thrillers. Aconselho a lê-lo na praia, num dia de chuva ou numa noite de insónia! ( são 4 estrelas )

    17. 4.5 starsThanks Penguin Teen for the early copy of the US edition! This doesn't affect my review or opinions.This is out 1/17 in the US and already is out internationally!I didn't think I would like this book. At best I thought it would be a quick, average read. While it isn't a favorite, I'm surprised by how much I enjoyed it. It's my first mystery in some time and after this I'll have to look for more. I can't think of any books to compare it to, but it was a fun, intense, and mysterious story [...]

    18. Salla Simukan "Punainen kuin veri" (Tammi, 2013) on nuorille aikuisille suunnattu romaani kansainvälisen huumekaupan kiemuroihin sotkeutuvasta lukiolaistytöstä Lumikki Anderssonista. Vauhtia ja vaarallisia tilanteita riittää talvisissa tamperelaismaisemissa. Jokunen ruumiskin saadaan.Kuten päähenkilön ja kirjan nimistä voi päätellä, viitataan juonessa klassisiin satuihin. Fantasiamaailmoissa ei silti seikkailla eikä paria komeaa pytinkiä kummoisempia satulinnoja rakennella, vaan ty [...]

    19. yourhappinesslifeLa verdad es que realmente no sabía que esperar de este libro antes de leerlo pero lo que me he encontrado me ha gustado mucho, asique espero que la segunda parte vaya a mejor.La verdad es que los personajes me han gustado aunque me han cautivado Lumikki y Elisa, Lumikki es una chica muy fuerte que se enfrenta a lo que sea , en cambio Elisa, es una niña de papá demasiado asustada, me ha parecido un detalle la amistad que se forja entre ambas.Como ya he dicho, el libro me ha g [...]

    20. Una vez que le agarré el ritmo me resultó entretenido, pero esperaba MUCHÍSIMO más, porque las criticas son alucinantes.Me resultó completamente incongruente (sobre todo Lumikki) y predecible. Tiene montones de clichés y una resolución sacada de la galera sin demasiadas explicaciones.Me gustó el estilo de la autora, muy poético (contradictoriamente por momentos demasido simple y plano).Es una lectura medianamente interesante y entretenida, pero no más que eso. Estoy triste. Tenía LAS [...]

    21. I think this is more for the really "young adult" crowd in a literal sense. Some YA lit is well suited for everyone, no matter the age. But this one not so much. I was kind of bored with it, not that much happened. I also think the author tried to hard to make her mysterious and also tried to hard to make her seem bad-ass, better than everyone else.

    22. Lumikku Anderson is een rustig meisje die probeert niet op te vallen op school. Ze bemoeit zich niet met anderen en zit op de middelbare school in Finland. Alles lijkt vlekkeloos te verlopen, totdat ze briefjes van vijfhonderd ontdekt in de donkere kamer van haar school. Ze komt erachter dat drie klasgenoten het geld hebben gevonden en Lumikki komt in de wereld van drugshandel en criminaliteit terecht, wat erg gevaarlijk kan zijnOm te beginnen moet ik Clavis complimenteren met de geweldige cover [...]

    23. Anyone who reads my blog knows that the colder the location of a book, the higher the likelihood that I will want to read it! That’s no different here because as soon as I saw Finland I was sold! I don’t usually read YA, in fact I can probably count on one hand how many YA books I’ve read in recent years so that was the only thing making me wonder whether or not I’d enjoy this book as its a little different to my usual reads.Lumikki is a fun character. She reminds me of Lisbeth Salander, [...]

    24. I'm not sure how it happened but I thought this book was something along the lines of dystopian fiction. Not at all. It's a YA crime thriller set in Finland. Which is awesome for suomiphiles like myself. Really appreciate having hits from other countries being translated for English speaking readers. So as a YA crime story. It was interesting. I suspect my three star rating was because I didn't successfully shake off the surprise mentioned above. One thing that must be kept in mind, there will b [...]

    25. 3.9« Lumikki Andersson 17 anos, inteligente, independente, com escassos recursos financeiros é uma "outsider"que privilegia a descrição. Aperfeiçoou ao longo do tempo formas de passar despercebida e assim não atrair excessivas atenções sobre si mesma. No entanto, a surpreendente descoberta de notas ensanguentadas e a sua curiosidade levam-na a mergulhar no mundo do crime.Este livro é direccionado para jovens adultos (YA), e é, na minha opinião, uma excelente porta para o sub-genéro l [...]

    26. Jednom davno živjela je djevojčica koja se nije bojala. Djevojčica je trčala onako kako trče osobe koje se ne boje padanja. Njezine su sitne, snažne i spretne noge skakale preko kamenja i panjeva. Uzdala se u to da će je noge odvesti kamo god poželi.Djevojčica se smijala smijehom osobe koja se još nije upoznala sa poniženjem. Njezin je smijeh nastajao duboko u njezinom želucu.Ispunjavao joj prsa, žuborio u grlu i izljevao se preko jezika. Djevojčica je vjerovala onako kako vjeruju [...]

    27. I love all Scandinavian authors and Nordic Noir is one of my favorite genres.The first in the Lumikki Andersson trilogy, "As Red as Blood" introduces us to Lumikki (Snow White), a young girl who has been through a bad time at school at home. She now lives alone in the city of Tampere, where she studies.We know something bad happened to her at home, but we'll have to wait until the end of the book to find out what it is.When she finds thousand of euro banknotes hanging to dry in the school's phot [...]

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