The Token Twenty two year old Faren Mitchell hears the two words that change her abbreviated life forever They re so final Faren decides she has nothing to lose by seizing every remaining moment of what life ha

  • Title: The Token
  • Author: Marata Eros Tamara Rose Blodgett
  • ISBN: 9781494378387
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Paperback
  • Twenty two year old Faren Mitchell hears the two words that change her abbreviated life forever They re so final Faren decides she has nothing to lose by seizing every remaining moment of what life has to offer.Until Faren collides with a motorcycle ridden by billionaire Jared Mick McKenna.Even the dark secret of her past and catharsis as a physical therapist can t saveTwenty two year old Faren Mitchell hears the two words that change her abbreviated life forever They re so final Faren decides she has nothing to lose by seizing every remaining moment of what life has to offer.Until Faren collides with a motorcycle ridden by billionaire Jared Mick McKenna.Even the dark secret of her past and catharsis as a physical therapist can t save Faren from the sexual spiral that waits for her in the arms of a man who commits to no one When circumstances force her to get a second job as an exotic dancer, Faren never imagines how close that choice will bring her to the brink of a new reality she is unequipped to handle.This is volume one in a 6 part novella serial Each volume is app 20 25,000 words.Genre New Adult Dark RomanceDisclaimer This story contains sexual themes, situations, profanity and violence Ages 17.

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    1. Marata Eros Tamara Rose Blodgett says:

      NEW RELEASE ALERT bit MarataNEWSMarata Eros is the author of over ninety five titles, including her NEW YORK TIMES bestselling novel, A TERRIBLE LOVE, and the 1 international bestselling erotic Interracial and African American TOKEN serial Marata writes a variety of dark fiction in the genres of erotica, fantasy, romance, suspense and sci fi She and her husband live in the midwest with their four sons and three disrespectful dogs Marata s 1 hobby is reading she loves interacting with her readersrataeroseroticaauthorspTamara Rose Blodgett s Blog tamararoseblodgett FUTURE TITLES 2018 TRAINER Road Kill MC VIPER Road Kill MC IN BROKEN LOVEDRUID 11SIREN 4THE FIRST SPECIES

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    1. ★★★★! The Token, part 1 of 6. Compelling heroine, Faren & mysterious hero, Jared McKenna’s worlds collide in present time, but they also have a past!“But pain won't end me. After what I've been through, physical pain is just another obstacle. It's the mental that's killing me.”There are 6 parts to The Token series. I recommend these novellas be read in order:Part 1: The TokenPart 2: The Token 2Part 3: The Token 3Part 4: The Token 4Part 5: The Token 5Part 6: The Token 6The Token [...]

    2. I am rating this one 4.5 stars, and the only reason for the loss of .5 of a point is that I would have preferred the story to be longer! I want to thank Marata Eros for gifting me a copy of this series book to read and review. My attention has been caught, and now I am hooked and will have to see this through to the end! I was very relieved to see that the second installment is already out, and then the third will come out in February.We are introduced to a woman named Faren who has been given s [...]

    3. 2.75 Stars ~ 3 Stars The Token is the first book of what will be an extended series (8-12 books to come - one per month). The story starts off action packed as our heroine receives life altering news from her doctor.Faren is a physical therapist who is struggling financially paying for her mother’s permanent hospital care, when her bff who is an exotic dancer proposes a way in which she can make more money. The story is very fast paced, so much so that some scenes tended to end too quickly for [...]

    4. 3.5 starsI seldom read an incomplete series, even more so an incomplete novella series. I just don't have the patience in dealing with suspense. I make an exception for The Token since Marata was so kind to offer an ARC. Thank you.Faren Mitchell fascinated me from the get go. She is a physical therapist who was struggling to make ends meet for supporting her mother's medical care. She became a part time exotic lap dancer for extra cash after being persuaded by her stripper friend, Kiki. There wa [...]

    5. When all hope is gone, what will you do to provide for the ones you love. The Token is a dark contemporary romance that left me shaken to the core. Faren Mitchell has gotten two words that tore her world apart. Now struggling to raise every dime she can find to make sure her mother is cared for, Faren must make choices that would devastate even the hardest of hearts. The only ray of hope in her bleak out look is an accidental collision with the elusive billionaire Jared McKenna.Although this sto [...]

    6. Gut-wrenching, gritty, dark and tragic are all words I'd use to describe The Token. Faren is a physio-therapist, former abuse victim and terminally ill. On discovering she has a brain tumor, Faren tries to escape the doctors office and runs out onto the street where she is run over by a sex god on a Harley, who turns out to be millionaire Jarred "Mick" McKenna. On top of all this Faren also has to face the fact that she needs 50,000 dollars to ensure her vegetative mother's full time private car [...]

    7. In a world filled with books about dark romance, sexual fantasies and mysterious and powerfully hot and VERY alpha heroes who send shivers of desire down the body of the strong, yet tortured heroine, The Token by Marata Eros is like the shiny star at the top of the tree! Brilliant! I honestly believe this may prove to be one of Ms. Eros’ BEST of the BEST, to date! She has created a strong heroine at one of the lowest points possible in her life, but didn’t let her wallow in self-pity. Nope, [...]

    8. How can I explain how much I love Marata?She has bewitched me all over again with the first installment of this new series!!!Review on Martini Timesrtinitimes/1/post/20

    9. Faren Mitchell receives terrible news that sets off a chain of events that change her life irrevocably. Caught in an emotional sandstorm she is literally hit by stunning Jared "Mick" McKenna. Something unspoken passes between the two and Faren feels herself falling further down the rabbit hole. Mick is immediately entranced by Faren's gravitational pull yet Faren keeps him at a safe distance. I felt Mick was a good guy and I enjoyed reading his and Faren's blossoming relationship- but he's defin [...]

    10. I would call this book short and sweet but sweet is NOT the right word to describe The Token. Dark, seductive, emotional and powerful are all such better terms.Marata (/Tamara) always imbues the perfect amount of darkness into her novels. The Token is deliciously dark whilst also being something that all adult readers will enjoy.

    11. To see my full review:bookvacations.wordpress/20With two small, quick words, Eros immediately hooks her readers at the beginning of this novella, causing a series of successive thoughts to rampage through our heads as the story takes off. It’s impossible not to be intrigued—even though we don’t know Faren Mitchell at all, we understand the words, we understand their all encompassing meaning, and we understand the pain, fear, and heartache that stands behind them. We know, and Faren knows, [...]

    12. REVIEW OF AUDIOBOOK STORY: 4 starsPERFORMANCE: 1 starOVERALL: 3 starsSTORYTHE TOKEN is a story of a woman who while down on her luck will go to great lengths to earn some much needed money. With strip clubs as well as other clubs where women will do more than strip for the right price, this story had a lot of potential. Initially, I was frustrated at the inconsistencies I popped out among the pages. First, the female main character Faren is extremely close to her BFF Kiki yet she, "n't tell Kiki [...]

    13. I admit I had no idea what “Dark Romance” was supposed to be. I should have figured it out from the blurb. The cover was to blame for my buying this. sent this as a suggestion email (damn them) and I hung on to it, debating if I wanted to pay the 99cents to get sucked into a serial. As you can see, I did.So, yes, Faren does get really bad news. And she does get hit by a motorcycle (when she’s running away from her doctor after hearing bad news). But there’s really no sexual spiral. At l [...]

    14. My Rant: The Token is erotically dark and captivating. The storyline kept me at the edge of my seat and an emotional mess. Faren is broken, believe it or not that is how I like to see my damsels in distress but she is also so much more than being weak. Inside her demeanor there lies a warrior willing to fight although she faces the reality as a losing battle. There are so many obstacles for her to overcome that she begins to tackle them all at once. This new found bravery comes from her interact [...]

    15. As I'm a big Fan of Marata Eros' Breeders series' I decided to give some of her other work a go. I've started with The Token 01 and whooeee I was riveted I'm going to be honest and say it did take a short while for me to get engrossed in the story but once it caught me it held on and squeezed every ounce of attention from me until it spat me out and left me wanting more.Marata Eros can really write a sexy scene filled with tension and heat!!! ZOMG!!!! Note:- (there is no sex in this instalment b [...]

    16. First off, let me start by saying I L-O-V-E-D Token! Thank you Marata for gifting me with this AWESOME book in exchange for an honest review!The entire book flowed beautifully together, and I totally got engrossed in the characters. Jared 'Mick' McKenna is hot and I mean SIZZLING! He is sexy, confident and had Faren set in his sights, he's a man who knows what he wants and seems very sure that he is going to get it. I can't wait to see where the second book takes those two. I pretty much read th [...]

    17. Wow. I'll start by saying Marata Eros never disappoints. The way in which she draws you in with such detail for each character has you turning pages quickly and then going back to read it again to make sure you haven't missed anything!This story starts with depressing news for Faren Mitchell but takes on a new aspect quickly. Knowing what she faces, she throws all caution out the window and embarks on an unfamiliar journey. Her choices become less thought out and more necessity as each day passe [...]

    18. I received this book as a gift from the author for an unbiased review. This is intense and unbelievably wicked story of a girl who is holding on by a thread. Her name is Faren and she is lost and under so much burden that she has to go through immoral means to get what she needs. Jared is a rich playboy who gets what he wants when he wants it. He has his eyes set on Faren but she has nothing to lose so she fights her attraction. Why? That's easy because she wants to be in control and she wants i [...]

    19. The first 3 volumes are free on , so I felt I had nothing to lose on this one. It's billed as a six part novella series, but I see more than that listed under the author-perhaps spinoffs? Anyway, book 1 introduces our young 22 y/o virgin heroine as a physical therapist looking for a way to make lots of extra money to help pay for her vegetative state mother's care and hospitalization. She's just learned she has months to live thanks to a brain tumor. This chic has all the luck, because immediate [...]

    20. I received this book as a gift from the author for an honest review. Will keep it short.To me this story started out rather intense. Being told those "two words" right off the bat definitely grabbed my attention and I was hooked. I love stories that have truth in them, things that can actually happen in life and this book, to me hit that mark. This is a story of a girl who is barely holding on. She has gone through so much at her young age to only have more bad news dumped on her. He is a rich m [...]

    21. I won this book in a first reads giveaway. Very thankful to the author as this gave me a chance to read her work for the first time.I am not always a fan of short stories as there is usually not enough time for me to get involved in the storyline, but I thought this first book in the series did a great job of pulling me into the story. I consider this book more of a tease, especially after our heroine, Faren, meets the billionaire Jared, under unusual circumstances. The tension builds and then, [...]

    22. The Token is about Faren and her journey with dealing with a dark past and a opaque future.Faren is a physical therapist who is barely making enough money to take care of a mother she feels guilty for the cards she's been dealt. She is a character who's experienced a lot in her life but is naive in other aspects of it. I was intrigued from the prologue and I couldn't put it down.I like how she didn't whine about her situation. I'm also intrigue by Jared McKenna and how he's relationship with Far [...]

    23. Marata has done it again. What an great start to this series. Marata's writing just draws you in and grabs hold. You just can't put down. Faren is a great character with such a tragic past and potentially tragic future. You can't help but want to reach out to her and help her in someway. Of course just as fate and time are against her the handsome Jared walks into her life giving her a taste of things she's never had. Truly an intriguing story. My only regret is that I have to wait till payday t [...]

    24. I received this book as a gift from the author for an honest review.This story is fast paced and keeping you on the edge of your seat. The twists and turns in this story are amazing. I didn't see the last chapter coming. This book grabs you from the start and leaves you wanting more. This story shows the dark side of Fern's life and what happens when she has no more choices and her fight to continue. This story is steamy and hot, can not wait to read the next book. In the Token everyone has a da [...]

    25. I have read most of Marata Eros's work and works under her real nam Tamara Rose-Blodgett, and I must say this is another fab story that has it all; intrigue, excitement, the rich dark handsome guy who is sex on a stick, the woman with a past that makes you love her and protect her instantly, twists and turns, the nasty evil guy ( this has more than one!) and of course the promise and build up to sex you know is going to blow everyone's brains out! Loved it and cannot wait for the second instalme [...]

    26. The Token is a great story Faren a twenty two year doing whatever it takes to pay for her moms care. She is diagnosed with a death sentence and along the way meets Mick the Billionaire. Will he save her from her Stepfather? My Favorite Author Marata Eros Amazing, I can't wait to continue reading this series.

    27. What an amazing start .This serie has to be out soon enough because it's very promising , The plot is awesome and Faren has a lot of baggage with her , obviously the male protagonist is hot cocky and a billionaire .The ending of this novella was a cliffhanger , and man what a cliffhanger ; so very excited to check the next novella and hopefully it'll be as good as this one was .

    28. Holy cow!!! Where do I even start?!? A young woman struggling to hold on (Faren) and a man who is used to getting everything he wants( Mick), and secrets to boot!! Looks like I might have another book boyfriend on my hands!! I can't wait to see how this book will play out. Thanks Marata for another great read!!!

    29. This book is crazy good!!! The characters were awesome together. The story was thrilling and exciting with the twist and turns though out every chapters . The last chapter was awesome and Scary has hell. I hate cliff hangers, but wow I did enjoy this oneThanks for writing a fantastic book. I very much enjoyed reading this book and can't wait to get lost in the second book.

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