Dangerous Joy Miles Cavanagh just wants to hunt in the Shires but instead he finds himself the guardian to a twenty year old heiress hell bent on marrying a fortune hunting wretch Refusing to let Felicity throw he

  • Title: Dangerous Joy
  • Author: Jo Beverley
  • ISBN: 9781614174875
  • Page: 240
  • Format: ebook
  • Miles Cavanagh just wants to hunt in the Shires, but instead he finds himself the guardian to a twenty year old heiress hell bent on marrying a fortune hunting wretch Refusing to let Felicity throw her life away, Miles kidnaps his ward and carries her off to England But Felicity s determination is proving equal to his As fierce wills clash, and fiery hearts ignite intoMiles Cavanagh just wants to hunt in the Shires, but instead he finds himself the guardian to a twenty year old heiress hell bent on marrying a fortune hunting wretch Refusing to let Felicity throw her life away, Miles kidnaps his ward and carries her off to England But Felicity s determination is proving equal to his As fierce wills clash, and fiery hearts ignite into passion, Felicity faces a choice pursue her mission, or trust the tyrant she s come to love REVIEWS Brimming with sensual adventure and daring wit RT.a fast paced, fun romance that will keep you glued First rate keeper Aromancereview

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    1. Jo Beverley says:

      Mary Josephine Dunn was born 22 September 1947 in Lancashire, England, UK At the age of eleven she went to an all girls boarding school, Layton Hill Convent, Blackpool At sixteen, she wrote her first romance, with a medieval setting, completed in installments in an exercise book From 1966 to 1970, she obtained a degree in English history from Keele University in Staffordshire, where she met her future husband, Ken Beverley After graduation, they married on June 24, 1971 She quickly attained a position as a youth employment officer until 1976, working first in Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire, and then in West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire.In 1976, her scientist husband was invited to do post doctoral research at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada When her professional qualifications proved not to be usable in the Canadian labour market, and she grew up their two sons and started to write her first romances.Moved to Ottawa, in 1985 she became a founding member of the Ottawa Romance Writers Association, that her nurturing community for the next twelve years The same year, she completed a regency romance, but it was promptly rejected by a number of publishers, and she settled earnestly to learning the craft In 1988, it sold to Walker, and was published as Lord Wraybourne s Betrothed She regularly appears on bestseller lists including the USA Today overall bestseller list, the New York Times, and and the Publishers Weekly list She has been the recipient of numerous awards including the Golden Leaf, the Award of Excellence, the National Readers Choice, and a two Career Achievement awards from Romantic Times She is also a five time winner of the RITA, the top award of the Romance Writers Of America, and a member of their Hall of Fame and Honor Roll.Jo Beverley passed away on May 23, 2016 after a long battle with cancer.

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    1. Menos puntuación de la que pensaba, pero se lo debo a su protagonista femenina, ha sido odiosa durante el 70% del libro.No os voy a engañar, no es un mal libro, y creo que a cualquier fan de Jo Beverley le va a gustar y lo va a disfrutar porque tiene totalmente su firma. En éste caso tenemos una de sus historias con un contenido tan rocambolesco como acostumbra. La mitad del libro se desarrolla en Irlanda, y la otra mitad en Inglaterra. Eso la verdad que me ha gustado, casi nunca la Regencia [...]

    2. I won't go into a lot of detail here. The story's set in Ireland (hence the pic). Basically Miles Cavanaugh is the reluctant guardian of a young heiress who lives with her dotty, cat-crazy aunt.Just to make things interesting, the girl is determined to marry Mr. Wrong. Mr. Wrong happens to be a fortune-hunting turdEnglishman whose one redeeming factor is his son, the "miracle" child of his supposedly barren now-dead first wife (also an heiress). Felicity (the heroine) loves the kid and wants to [...]

    3. leído en Junio 2014Normalito entretenido como los de esta autora!!ARGUMENTO:Irlanda, 1816. Impetuosa por naturaleza, Felicity Monahan, es una joven heredera rica y hermosa, pero rebelde. Miles Cavanagh sabe que desempeñar el papel de tutor de esta mujer tan temperamental será una ardua tarea. Ambos se conocen en una fría noche cubierta por la niebla, en condiciones… digamos… no muy apropiadas. Lo que se inicia forma oscura, fruto de la desesperación, se transforma en una pasión verdade [...]

    4. We saw Miles and Felicity in the previous book and you could feel the antagonism coming off of them in the few scenes they inhabited. Sure enough, this book backs up a couple of weeks so we get the setup to their situation and the relationship simmering under their interactions. So the series is still tightly tied together so I still recommend reading them in order. Only, now you have an excellent payoff to look forward to!The thing that elevates this over the rest in the series so far comes dow [...]

    5. Miles Cavanagh, the heir of Kilgoran and soon to be Earl has had only two things of great interest, horses and hunting. Of course, he occasionally enjoys a woman's company, but only very superficially and temporarily. He is determined to use every ounce of his short-term freedom to pursue a life of play and pleasure without the entrapments of responsibility, for he'll have more than his share of that once he is saddled with the title "Earl". But as they say, even the best laid plans can go sudde [...]

    6. In the past week, I've read the first 5 books in this series. I've fallen in love with the Rogues, and I really enjoyed this book. At first, I wasn't that eager to read about Miles - I am a HUGE fan of Lucien, Nicholas, and Francis, but from the other books, Miles never interested me. Then I read this book.Miles is now one of my favorites of the Rogues. I loved his story with Felicity. I enjoyed the fact that the fell in love fairly early in the book rather than in the last few pages and that th [...]

    7. I met Jo Beverely at a booksigning many moons ago and she was such a nice lady that I went on to accumulate most of her books. Unfortunately, I soon discovered that most of her books just weren't for me but I continue to give each one in the pile a try holding out hope that I'd be able to finish one.Now, I'm nowhere near finished with Dangerous Joy but so far I'm thoroughly enjoying it. It's much wittier than most of her books, which I found painfully slow and boring, and I'm enjoying the heroin [...]

    8. I wrote a few words about this for a St. Patrick's Day piece at Heroes and Heartbreakers. "Another black-haired passionate Irish character is Felicity Monahan, the heroine of Jo Beverley’s Dangerous Joy. Fearless, horse-mad, and intense, charm is only one of the weapons in her arsenal. Her love, Miles Cavanagh, is another Irish prototype, deceptively ordinary and pleasant. Felicity thinks to herself,He was a fine figure of a man with robust, practical looks that appealed greatly to her. Clear [...]

    9. This is book #5 in the Company of Rogues books. Okay -- aggravation here -- There were originally 12 members of The Company of Rogues -- however, two died before the series began, leaving 10. There are probably at least 15 books listed under 'Company of Rogues' series in the library and other listings. Now, that isn't a problem, but just reading the synopsis of the books, you can't tell what any of those other books have to do with the Rogues. Would be nice if they at least gave you a hint. I've [...]

    10. Before: I'm not sure if I've read this one before. I'm not a fan of the horse-mad hoyden type of hackneyed plot, so.After: 1/5/15, 2.5 stars. This book did not work for me. I spent the first 2/3's detesting the jerk of a heroine, and not having much respect for him either. Her behavior was appalling, and his nothing to brag about. The last third got better, but not enough to bump up the stars. Too much melodrama, illogical behavior, and a kind of silly conflict made this one of the weakest Jo Be [...]

    11. Cats rule!!!!Lovely, feisty, dangerous romance. Irish Miles, definitely a member of the rogues, becomes the temporary guardian of Felicity a heiress of the Foy family, a family reputed to be connected with the fairy folk. She is determined to marry a despicable Englishman to get control of his young son who he is abusing. There are secrets to be exposed, and Miles truly has his hands full with this very different heroine. All this is the usual high quality story from the rogues series, but this [...]

    12. I've already read the 5 books in this series. I didn’t start in order, but this series really works if one reads them in the right sequence. I've fallen in love with the Rogues, and I really enjoyed all the books. This one, was the one I liked the least so far. I am a HUGE fan of Lucien and Francis, so I loved to read about Miles. He is a really well done male character. It was really Felicity that I had a problem with. I wasn’t able to like this female character. And I think it is a first w [...]

    13. Good. I do enjoy the way that this author stretches the norms of the romance genre, particularly the historical romance sub-genre. Earlier in this series, we saw an experienced woman paired with a male virgin, and in this book, we find a respectable young lady who was seduced at the age of 15, got herself pregnant, and went "abroad" for a while. She didn't even loathe her first sexual encounter, if you can believe it. :)That said, I did find the heroine to be a bit too hard-headed and closed-min [...]

    14. I lived this story. It was funny and yet sometimes very sweet. I like the fact that the main characters know they're in love prett fast but that they have to overcome obstacles before they can truly live happy!

    15. This book I think is better than the previous in this series. However, I did not enjoy the emotional conflict between the couple as I did with an earlier book in the series. I did enjoy the complexity of Kieran in the entire story. The boy was rarely shown but he was never set aside or used as a tool to force the couple together roughly. I only wish that someday in the future Kieran would know who his mother is.What I really liked about this book is how each scenario continually raises the risk [...]

    16. Very goodI thoroughly enjoyed this story with the only exception being that the heroine isn't going to be able to have her son able to know that she is his biological mother, even though his adoptive mother is deceased. Again, as in the prior books of this series, we get to get a lot of involvement from the other rogues. I always enjoy characters interact in the books in a series.

    17. The 5th book in the 1CCompany of Rogues 1D series 13 Dangerous Joy 13 begins with Miles Cavanaugh returning to his Irish estate where he is heir to the Earl of Kilgoran. He finds out that his step-uncle has died leaving him 13 not 13 his step-father guardian of Felicity Monahan for 6 weeks until she turns 21.Felicity is known as a wild and willful heiress that Miles has to 1Cguard 1D for 6 weeks until she reaches her majority. He only has to guard her for 6 weeks 26. how hard can that be?? While [...]

    18. The fourth in the Company of Rogues series, this one is set in Mystical Ireland. And it definitely is ~Mystical Ireland~. Barely a page goes by without the narration describing a character's brogue, dialogue featuring Gaelic phrases like "cailin" or "a muirnin", or someone comparing an event or person to an ancient Irish legend. Also there are lots of magical cat guardians (is that a Mystical Irish thing? If so, it's a cliche I was previously unfamiliar with. Actually I think Beverly was just go [...]

    19. 3.5StarsLady Felicity Monahan's Grandfather was dying and he knew her Aunt would not be able to control the hoyden. Sohe decided to name her Uncle's stepson, Miles Cavanaugh, for the job of the heiress' guardian until her 21st birthday. The problem is he is only 5 years her senior and they have an instant attraction to each other. Despite this attraction, Felicity is adamant that she will marry Sir Rupert when she reaches her majority. His son, Kieran, is a great joy to her and the boy's mother [...]

    20. We were introduced briefly to Miles and Felicity in the previous book from the series, Forbidden. Miles has been appointed Felicity's guardian for the next 6 weeks when she comes of age. Able to run free without proper guidance, Felicity found herself pregnant at 15. The father, a man only interested in money as he is a gambler, is married and arrangements are made that when the boy is born, he and his wife will raise the child, Kieran. When the step mother dies, Kieran's father attempts to lure [...]

    21. I set this down unfinished after blowing through books #1-4 of the "Company of Rogues" series.While enjoyable enough for a light escape (#3 less than the others), and with some steamy sex scenes, these Rogues books all start from the premise of a what-will-in-short-become a strong female character who has either been raped, threatened with rape, or about to be rapedy to have a Rogue come across her path and (ultimately) save the day. After some good arguments and misunderstandings of course. I w [...]

    22. En este libro conocemos un poquito mejor a Miles, otro del grupo de los granujas. Su historia comienza cuando debe de ir a buscar a su pupila, una chica de 20 años de edad y que tiene a todo el mundo de cabeza debido a su carácter. Desde el primer momento en que se conocen, ya saltan chispas y de echo Miles se enamora de ella en apenas unos cuantos capítulos. Pero como en todo libro de esta autora, hay un secreto oculto, de nuevo por la protagonista, y que hace que muchas veces actúe de una [...]

    23. Zoznámenie sa hlavných hrdinov tejto knihy prebehlo nanajvýš zaujímavo! A po takom skvelom rozbehnutí som sa s chuťou začítala až kým som nezačala hlavnú hrdinku spoznávať bližšie. Felicity je svojrázna žena, vo svojom živote už má čo-to za sebou a čitateľ sa s jej minulosťou postupne zoznamuje. Osobne mi prekážalo ako sa silou-mocou chcela vydať za Ruperta - aj keď mala na to veľmi dobrý dôvod. Myslieť si však, že toto riešenie je jediné a konečné bolo od [...]

    24. At the beginning I was a bit disgruntled as we had already encountered Miles and Felicity in the previous book, and it seemed to me this should have come first. Towards the end though, it became apparent that the group at Melton were quite oblivious to all the undercurrents involved and so it was actually quite all right to read this subsequently. Interesting comment on how we are all wrapped up in our own stories and therefore unaware of what is happening for others. I was rather intrigued by t [...]

    25. Not my favorite so far in the series. For most of the first two-thirds of the book, I found Felicity thoroughly unlikable, and most of her actions weren't particularly logical. I would say I also disliked Miles for the way he treated her sometimes, but with how she behaved, I honestly don't think she left him much choice, and that's saying something. Also, despite being quite firmly a cat person, I didn't like the semi-magical role the cats played in this book. I don't read these kind of books f [...]

    26. Poor me! I just struggled with another bad historical romance novel. After recently reading the latest Rogue series novel, I decided to try an early one to see what they are like. If you like Irish tales of magic, you might like this. I thought the setting would interest me and the occupation of the male protagonist as a thoroughbred horse breeder would provide additional interest. But the story is so fanciful that it became unenjoyable. I didn't even care if I finished it, so I skimmed (mostly [...]

    27. Miles Cavanaugh a mild manner man has been told by his step father that he will be the guardian of his niece. Column explains to Miles this child will soon be 21 but there is a problem, her grandfather has passed and the aunt is not a suitable guardian. Miles takes the task on but to his surprise it is more of a nuisance as this girl is not lady like material when he first comes upon her. He stays on the estate to find out about her and her living conditions and immediately he wants to get her a [...]

    28. Miles Cavanagh, Heir to the Earl of Kilgoran, has the great misfortune to be the ward of the wild Miss Felicity Monahan of Foy Hall in Meath. Felicity Monahan is every bit a rebel as clamed to be, sense being orphaned at the age of ten, she was left in the care of her grandfather, who did not mind how she went about things.When they both come across each other one night not knowing who the other is, they are both taken by a passion that is unbelievably real and yet very forbiddenWhile they both [...]

    29. As much as I appreciate a couple professing their love for each other before the last 2 pages of a romance novel, this one had the revelation happening a bit too soon and consequently there wasn't much point in finishing the story. I did finish it, though, but it was a close thing. The book was not bad but was probably at least 50 pages too long. I run real hot and cold on Jo Beverley's writing; at time she can be near brilliant, at others, mediocre. Since I'm reading my through my TBR's in alph [...]

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