The Ringmaster s Secret Nancy is given a beautiful gold bracelet with a missing charm When she learns the unusual story behind the jewelry she sets out to solve the fascinating mystery The bracelet had been presented to a f

  • Title: The Ringmaster's Secret
  • Author: Carolyn Keene
  • ISBN: 9780448095318
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Nancy is given a beautiful gold bracelet with a missing charm When she learns the unusual story behind the jewelry, she sets out to solve the fascinating mystery The bracelet had been presented to a former circus performer by a queen who loved horses For some reason the performer had to sell the bracelet, but would not reveal her identity Clues lead Nancy to Sims CircNancy is given a beautiful gold bracelet with a missing charm When she learns the unusual story behind the jewelry, she sets out to solve the fascinating mystery The bracelet had been presented to a former circus performer by a queen who loved horses For some reason the performer had to sell the bracelet, but would not reveal her identity Clues lead Nancy to Sims Circus, where she meets Lolita, an unhappy young aerialist who has a horse charm wrought exactly like those on Nancy s bracelet The young detective searches for the original owner of the bracelet, bringing much joy to the pretty circus performer This book is the original text The plot of the revised story 1974 is similar with minor revisions.

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    1. Carolyn Keene says:

      Carolyn Keene is a writer pen name that was used by many different people both men and women over the years The company that was the creator of the Nancy Drew series, the Stratemeyer Syndicate, hired a variety of writers For Nancy Drew, the writers used the pseudonym Carolyn Keene to assure anonymity of the creator.Edna and Harriet Stratemeyer inherited the company from their father Edward Stratemeyer Edna contributed 10 plot outlines before passing the reins to her sister Harriet It was Mildred Benson aka Mildred A Wirt , who breathed such a feisty spirit into Nancy s character Mildred wrote 23 of the original 30 Nancy Drew Mystery Stories , including the first three It was her characterization that helped make Nancy an instant hit The Stratemeyer Syndicate s devotion to the series over the years under the reins of Harriet Stratemeyer Adams helped to keep the series alive and on store shelves for each succeeding generation of girls and boys In 1959, Harriet, along with several writers, began a 25 year project to revise the earlier Carolyn Keene novels The Nancy Drew books were condensed, racial stereotypes were removed, and the language was updated In a few cases, outdated plots were completely rewritten.Other writers of Nancy Drew volumes include Harriet herself, she wrote most of the series after Mildred quit writing for the Syndicate and in 1959 began a revision of the first 34 texts The role of the writer of Carolyn Keene passed temporarily to Walter Karig who wrote three novels during the Great Depression Also contributing to Nancy Drew s prolific existence were Leslie McFarlane, James Duncan Lawrence, Nancy Axelrod, Priscilla Doll, Charles Strong, Alma Sasse, Wilhelmina Rankin, George Waller Jr and Margaret Scherf.

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    1. This was my first time reading Nancy Drew and I thought it was pretty good! I know, I know--I probably should've started from the beginning, but I found a couple of books from this series for really cheap recently, so I thought that I would give them a try :)) I don't typically read this genre, but I like to try new things sometimes and get out of my 'reading comfort zone' I guess is what you would call it lol :P I do think I would have enjoyed this a little more if I read it when I was younger, [...]

    2. Yesterday I finished a walk down memory lane. I had recently picked up a copy of the Nancy Drew The Ringmaster's Secret by Carolyn Keene at a local flea market. Not that I didn't already have a copy--I do. But this was the tweed-style hardcover book that matches the original set of six books that my mom handed down to me when I was seven. I'd like, at some point, to have all 38 of the titles which were published in tweed to match Mom's set. Since I bought it, I decided I ought read it for old ti [...]

    3. Arguably the most non-Nancy Drew book of the series. She actually joins a circus! Very weird and un-Nancy Drew, but a must read for fans of the series.

    4. My mom introduced me to the Nancy Drew Mysteries. You know, those yellow hardcover books? They were first released in the 1930s and to date, there are about 175 volumes. My collection spanned only the first 56 volumes. Certainly, I haven’t read all of them but I’ve read a whole lot. In fact, collecting this 56 volumes is part of my bucket list. My first Nancy Drew book is The Sign of the Twisted Candles and it remains as my absolute favorite from the bunch. Then the book that I dreamt about, [...]

    5. Sarah Gruen probably definitely read this book before she wrote Water For Elephants. It practically has a cooch tent.Nancy is a skilled equestrienne, and recently took up stunt riding. Thus, she was a natural replacement for an injured circus stunt rider, and could hide out while trying to solve a mystery.Nancy loses consciousness when she falls off a horse. She also faints when an unknown assailant strangles her from behind with a cord. She loses consciousness a *third* time when someone throws [...]

    6. Nancy's aunt sends her a bracelet and tells her there is a mystery surrounding it. When the circus comes to town and Nancy meets an amazing aerialist who was brought up by cruel adoptive parents, the owners of the circus, Nancy discovers that the aerialist and the bracelet are connected. She proceeds to investigate.The Nancy Drew Mysteries are such great books. My 8 year old recently discovered them and she loves them. The language is not dumbed down and my daughter loves trying to solve the mys [...]

    7. One of my all time favorites, although I haven't read it since I was probably about 12. Chalk it up to childish fancy, but I've always loved a good circus story. It was also always one of my favorite games of pretend to play with my siblings when we were kids (My favorite circus name was Tonya, and I walked the tightrope and was an aerialist Ahh make believe!)Anyway, back to The Ringmaster's Secret. Nancy becomes an expert trick rider in this one (because of course she does) and finds herself em [...]

    8. This book is about another mystery including Nancy Drew . One day one of Nancy's aunts bought Nancy a bracelet with 5 horses on it but it was missing one horse . Nancy's aunt has heard about the bracelet's past . The story is that a famous circus performer has owned that bracelet for a long time , she soon died so she gave it to her daughter . The lady's daughter ¨lost¨ her bracelet, but the thrift shop owner got it as a gift but wanted to sell it. In Nancy's hometown every year they have a ci [...]

    9. Out of all the Nancy Drew books I have read, this is one of the best. The descriptive words the ghost writer uses are so well chosen, it takes the book to a whole 'nother level. The characters are so relatable and realistic, it's like you almost feel like you know them. All 178 pages of this novel reveal details and clues like never before. If you are into mysteries, then this book was written for you. The main thing that I enjoy about these novels are the suspense and the cliff hangers that mak [...]

    10. This Nancy drew mystery came to me as an answer to all my dissappointments of my previous reads. I really liked it. The book is UNBELIEVABLE and by that I mean literally unbelievable but still I enjoyed it. This book really has the potential to keep the person hooked and gives a nice feeling once its finished.As I mentioned it was unbelievable like many other Nancy drew stories with Nancy herself becoming a circus performer a skilled equestrienne and also a ventriloquist.But despite of all the o [...]

    11. I was truly engrossed in this book. I tried to put it down but kept picking it back up. A truly escapist book.

    12. Nancy Drew and The Ringmaster’s Secret: Girl Power and Mysteries for All!A Review By: Amelia Interested in more book reviews? Check out my blog Bookworms Unite! (bookwormsunitebookreviews)I’ve spent this last year re-reading the Nancy Drew books. Why, you might ask. Well, I spent my childhood reading them and thought that for nostalgia’s sake I’d read them again. So far, I’ve gotten thirty five volumes into the original fifty six and the beloved series from my childhood more or less ho [...]

    13. The Ringmaster's Secret is a children's story by Carolyn Keene (pseudonym) and the 31st book in the Nancy Drew series.After receiving a horse-charm bracelet as a gift, eighteen-year-old Nancy is drawn into a mystery surrounding the identity of a performer with the Sims' Circus. Can Nancy solve the mystery and reunite a mother and daughter?I’ve always been a voracious reader. So, as a child, one of my favorite things about summer was the frequent trips to our local library, which was less than [...]

    14. This book was so good i enjoyed reading it . Mr. Reinald Kroon did seem a bit scary . He sure wanted Nancy out of the way.

    15. I thought the mystery story was good. I thought it was good to have Nancy to be a girl or the person finding out the secret to the story. Girl detective was smart to have in the book. most times in movies they have boys or guys like Sherlock Holmes and others. I think that this is a great starter for young girls my younger sister loves these books and working her way through a lot of them already. I think they are good book for the young readers to get their minds thinking. the book has nothing [...]

    16. Another preposterous plot, another long-lost family reunited, this time with a with a circus setting. Nancy is an expert at everything including circus-star-level stunt riding after a few lessons. The villain does various villainous things in an attempt to deter Nancy from her investigation, but of course that doesn't get her off the trail (and just racks up more crimes than he would've had charged against him if he's just not bothered, d'uh).I remember reading this one as a kid, but I don't rem [...]

    17. Nancy could have used. a helmet, protective vest, and either an explanation or a way to count horse gaits there are 5? Which breed are we talking about? Walk, trot, canter, gallop I come up with 4 at most. HOWEVER, that doesn't include jog, lope, rack, running walk, fox trot, flat walk, dog walk, tolt, slow gait, paso largo, and a whole host of other gaits for other breeds! There are a TON more than 5, but if you are talking your "normal" non-gaited horse, there are less than 5 So. I wanna know [...]

    18. I remember the first time I read Nancy Drew. It blew my mind that there were girls presented with a brain. Most of the stuff I'd read up to that time, was that girls were sugar and spice - fluffy. No brains. To also learn about George who is a tomboy was a nice validation. Carolyn Keene wrote just for me! That is how I felt. When I did more research, I was shocked to find out, Ms. Keene was actually a man writing under Franklin Dixon. I also loved the Hardy Boys. No wonder I loved these series. [...]

    19. To explain, this 1974 edition was not the classic that I located and bought and read, which was from 1953. It was the fourth of four Nancy Drew classic books that I found after reading Voracious, by Author Nicoletti, a book I won which intrigued me enough to look for classic Nancy Drews. This Nancy Drew book was good in that it showed me at least one reason why they re-wrote the older classics. It did not have any interesting food, however, as the Voracious Book presented, but was still worthwh [...]

    20. The circus is in town and has brought mystery along with it, connected with a beautiful gold bracelet Nancy has received from her aunt, which may have belonged to a circus performer who had to sell it. Nancy comes upon a lovely aerialist who performs with the circus and is practically a prisoner of her adopted parents, forced to work for the circus and never allowed to leave, so Nancy goes undercover as a circus performer to discover the truth! Will Nancy uncover the truth behind the bracelet an [...]

    21. I read the 1953 version. Here we find out that Nancy is amazing at horseback stunt riding because of course she is. Also, Bess even gets insulted by random people in this one. When Nancy switches places with Bess to fool the ringmaster, one of the circus folk tell her "you could pass for Bess's thinner sister." Seriously, when will poor Bess catch a break?

    22. in this book nancy drew solves a mstery about the cuircs. nancy also jonis the curcis it invovles monye and historye makes friends with a victom of her boss he stole mney from her and helped kill her parentscny was happy when she made a new friend and so am i.i like this book because it was very strang for a plot that why i gave it 5 stars.

    23. Nancy Drew solves the mystery of a tyrannical circus Masters adopted daughters true parents whereabouts and reunites the mother and the daughter. She also six horse charm on her newly acquired charm bracelet. I enjoyed the plot twists of this book. Although this was not my favorite Nancy Drew book, it was a fun read.

    24. I read Nancy Drew as a child and just loved her. Her adventures were so interesting, I remembering feeling like I was on the adventure with her. I still have a specific memory of climbing through a forested hill with her, I can see the brown ground, the dappling tree leaf shadows and the smell of the earth. Great read for a young girl.Books full of simple pleasures. Thank you Carolyn Keene.

    25. This is one of my favorite Nancy drew books ever. When Nancy joins the circus to discover what mystery is surrounding her bracelet she realizes not everything is what it seems to be. She must find out the true story behind Lola's parents death. And who can she trust.

    26. I love Nancy Drew, at 18 she is an expert in everything. In Ringmaster's Secret, she does stunt riding in the circus to solve the mystery. Never read this one earlier because the clowns play a big role.

    27. It is when you have that feeling something bad is going to happen. That is what I like about the Nancy Drew serius. Nancy must do a cirous to get to the bottom of the mystery. She must learn to balence good and learn neat tricks without getting hurt.

    28. I sure do remember this book's front cover illustration. As soon as I saw itBAM!l the memory sensors went off. I don't remember the book's plot, but that covers! I owned this book, so I know I read it.

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