Sisters of the Confederacy Book Two in Lauraine Snelling s Repackaged Civil War SeriesWhen her sister fights to hold on to the family legacy Louisa Highwood works tirelessly to save the lives of wounded soldiers Putting her ow

  • Title: Sisters of the Confederacy
  • Author: Lauraine Snelling
  • ISBN: 9781556618406
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Paperback
  • Book Two in Lauraine Snelling s Repackaged Civil War SeriesWhen her sister fights to hold on to the family legacy, Louisa Highwood works tirelessly to save the lives of wounded soldiers Putting her own safety n the line, she covertly ventures behind enemy lines to procure desperately needed supplies for the army hospital in Richmond, Virginia.Meanwhile, Jesselynn HighwoodBook Two in Lauraine Snelling s Repackaged Civil War SeriesWhen her sister fights to hold on to the family legacy, Louisa Highwood works tirelessly to save the lives of wounded soldiers Putting her own safety n the line, she covertly ventures behind enemy lines to procure desperately needed supplies for the army hospital in Richmond, Virginia.Meanwhile, Jesselynn Highwood and her ragtag band of freed slaves and Thoroughbreds seek refuge along the Oregon Trail, unable to imagine what awaits them.An exciting tale of courage, adventure, and romance amid the turbulence of the Civil War.

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    1. Lauraine Snelling says:

      Award winning and bestselling author Lauraine Snelling has over 80 books published with sales of over 4.5 million Her original dream was to write horse books for children Today, she writes adult novels about real issues centered on forgiveness, loss, domestic violence and cancer in her inspirational contemporary women s fiction titles and historical series, including the favorite, Blessing books about Ingeborg Bjorklund and family Lauraine enjoys helping others reach their writing dreams by teaching at writer s conferences across the county She and her husband Wayne have two grown sons, and a daughter in Heaven They live in the Tehachapi Mountains with a Basset named Sir Winston ob de Mountains, Lapcat, and The Girls three golden hens.

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    1. I had a difficult time finishing Sisters of the Confederacy; not because it was badly written but because of the subject matter which became rather monotonous along the way. And without any romance to smooth things over *sigh* But that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it. I got hooked in Lauraine Snelling's A Secret Refuge series when I accidentally stumbled upon book 1, Daughter of Twin Oaks, which is now a freebie. The story narrates the arduous journey of Jesselyn Highwood, from her home Twin Oaks [...]

    2. This is book #2 in this series; although you 'can' read it independently I wouldn't recommend it as it starts right where book #1 left off at. And although Ms Snelling does fill the reader in somewhat you still wouldn't get the full effect of the story without book 1.This story gives the reader a different outlook on the Civil War; one I never thought about. A family torn apart due to having to be sent away to fight some members killed, some missing and the women all wondering about them. All th [...]

    3. This is the second in this series by Lauraine Snelling. I liked it just as much as I liked the first one. The book is about Jesselynne Highwood who leaves her ranch in Kentucky with some of her freed slaves and her little brother along with their Thoroughbred horses to travel across the country to Oregon to keep them safe from the ravages of the Civil War. She pretends to be a boy since she got more respect that way and people would deal with her when she wanted to buy supplies and such when the [...]

    4. This book was good, but I admit it was a little slower than the first book in the series. I am enjoying the stories of Jesselyn (aka Marse Jesse) and her sister, Louisa. One heading west to Oregon with the family thoroughbreds (and her former slaves - now more like family) in hopes of starting over after the family home is lost in the Civil War. One fighting against cultural mores as she tries to help wounded soldiers. Jesselyn rails against God, but eventually decides running away from Him is m [...]

    5. Sisters of the Confederacy is the second book in the Secret Refuge series by Lauraine Snelling. It is about God's protection of three sisters during the Civil War who each have different lives--one married and well off, Louisa living with her aunt in Virginia while ministering to wounded soldiers, including her brother, and Jesselynn on her way to Oregon with her horses, her little brother, and her freed slaves to start over. Jesse and her troop join up with a wagon train and her secret is disco [...]

    6. This book was really awesome! I had a hard time putting it down. I read it only when I walked on the treadmill for an hour every day. It made the time go by very fast! So far every book in the series has been excellent. It follows two sisters during the War. One of them goes on trips with her brother trying to get some morphine to help the soldiers that are recuperating from their war wounds. The other sister has brought what is left of their thoroughbred horses on a trip to save them from the s [...]

    7. Now that I've read the three books of this series, 1) I REALLY wish I had read them in order, and 2) I REALLY wish there were one more book to wrap everything up. However, that said, I enjoyed this book just as much as I did the first and third. It was fascinating to get to know Louisa better, and to see the beginnings of some of the adventures I saw her in as the 3rd book unfolded. Jesse's relationship in the third book, too, finds its beginning in this book. Again, the characters were engaging [...]

    8. This book continues with Jesselynn and her group still hiding the thoroughbred horses. They manage to get to Independence to join up with a wagon train going to the Oregon territory. Lots of adventure and trials endured. Still disguised as "Jesse", Jesselynn's skill with doctoring helps out many times. She is still hopeful of returning one day to Twin Oaks in Kentucky to rebuild. Her sister Louisa comes up with a scheme to help get much needed medicines for the Confederate hospital in Richmond.I [...]

    9. Secrets continue in the second volume of the series. The Highwood siblings are scattered due to the war. While Louisa tends the injured at her aunt's home in Richmond, Jesselynn's responsibilities grow as the group of people and animals she is in charge of has increased. Ever wary of thieves or soldiers that might confiscate the Thoroughbreds that will be the lifeblood of new beginnings at Twin Oaks, it is becoming more and more difficult to hide who she really is. Though their brother, Zachary, [...]

    10. It was a book about two strong women who created an existence during the Civil War. Both women were outgoing women of their time. One looked for ways to help the soldier and the other looked for ways to support her extended family. I thought it was very good but I was disappointed in the ending. The book was more involved with Jessyln. There were few chapters about the sister who stayed in the south to keep the story about her alive.

    11. Love the setting of the war and the wagon train going to Oregon. Jesselynn's adventures were fun to read about to see what trouble her group was going to get in next. Louisa, taking care of the soldiers at her aunts house and making the runs to the north disguised so they could smuggle medical supplies back into the south were definitely nail bitters. Author has done an excellent job on keeping the story interesting and moving along. Can't wait to read book #3.

    12. The personalities of the four Highwood children further develop in the second book of this interesting series which takes place during the Civil War. This is a Christian novel and the female children of this group plus the freed slaves are staunch Christians, however, Zachary, the only remaining son, has seemingly lost his faith in The Lord . This book flows nicely into the third, and final, section of this extremely well done series of books. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have.

    13. Second book in the Secret Refuge series - wish there was a third! Jessylyn Highwood continues her charade as a male on a wagon train - caring for her "family" of little brother, aunt, several freed slaves - several prize thoroughbred horses - while her 2 sisters and brother work in Richmond to assist "grey" soldiers

    14. 2nd in the Secret Refuge series, this one continues with the story of Jesse and Louisa in the parts of the country they are in during the civil war. They both face challenges and are hoping for the seemingly never ending war to actually end. We meet some new characters on the road to the Oregon trail, some you will wish would go away, and others you'll be glad stayed, or wish they'd return.

    15. I was not ready for the story to end. just as in the first book, I was taken in by the story of these sisters. there seems to be nothing left out, from the scenery to the secondary characters. I eagerly await to read the third book. what else will happen on the way to Oregon? is Louisa's lieutenant really dead? is the third sister really happy?

    16. Well written, but more frustration (view spoiler)[Jesselyn has now fallen in love with 2 men. What is she going to do if they show up at the same time? Also, as adventurous as she is I can't see her living with the Souix. Louise finally falls in love and finds a purpose then loses both, pretty much (hide spoiler)]

    17. During the war, the life of the same woman and her sister on the other side of the lines. Lots of exciting things happening in these books, some very unexpected things but the faith of the young lady and the other with her is strong.Sequel to Daughter of Twin Oaks

    18. Kept me wanting more!Similar to book one, it ends with you needing to read the next one! I only wish the girls have found love by now- they are both so brave- such selfless heroines!

    19. Even though I didn't really enjoy the first book in this series, I decided to move on to the next boom and see if I liked it better. I enjoyed it much better and Jesselynn's story flowed much better for me in the this book. It was a quick read, and I am glad I gave it a chance.

    20. The second installment of this series did not disappoint. Three sister to the manor born, must navigate the years of the Civil War, each in their own way. At times crisis of faith threaten to overwhelm them; will they stay true or fall away? Starting book 3 immediately!

    21. Really enjoyed this read, and the end makes me long to have the third book in hand to continue reading! This book officially makes my 20th reread book for 2011, so I have acheived my goal there. So excited about that!My full review to come. :-)

    22. Second book of the series and like the first ended right in the middle as it were so the reader can't stand not to open the third book. So be it! I am headed now to to download it and start reading. Lauraine Snelling I love your books!

    23. Wonderful!This continuation of the story was amazing! I hope Jesselynn find each other again. I have already bought the next book!

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