Snow Angels A Booklist Best Crime Novel Debut Don t miss this one USA Today A masterful job Michael Connelly It is called kaamos two weeks of unrelenting darkness and soul numbing cold that falls upon Finnish Lap

  • Title: Snow Angels
  • Author: James Thompson
  • ISBN: 9780425238837
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Booklist Best Crime Novel Debut Don t miss this one USA Today A masterful job Michael Connelly It is called kaamos two weeks of unrelenting darkness and soul numbing cold that falls upon Finnish Lapland, a hundred miles into the Arctic Circle, just before Christmas Some get through it with the help of cheap Russian alcohol some sink into depression This year,A Booklist Best Crime Novel Debut Don t miss this one USA Today A masterful job Michael Connelly It is called kaamos two weeks of unrelenting darkness and soul numbing cold that falls upon Finnish Lapland, a hundred miles into the Arctic Circle, just before Christmas Some get through it with the help of cheap Russian alcohol some sink into depression This year, it may have driven someone mad enough to commit murder The brutalized body of a beautiful Somali woman has been found in the snow, and Inspector Kari Vaara must find her killer It will be a challenge in a place where ugly things lurk under frozen surfaces, and silence is a way of life.

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    • Unlimited [Memoir Book] ✓ Snow Angels - by James Thompson ✓
      115 James Thompson
    • thumbnail Title: Unlimited [Memoir Book] ✓ Snow Angels - by James Thompson ✓
      Posted by:James Thompson
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    1. James Thompson says:

      Jim has suddenly passed away on August 1, 2014.With his first internationally published novel, Snow Angels, James Thompson proved himself Finland s best and most popular representative in the rise of Nordic noir It was selected as one of Booklist s Best Crime Novel Debuts of the Year and nominated for an Edgar Award, an Anthony Award, and a Strand Critics Award His novel, Lucifer s Tears, has received critical acclaim from all quarters, including starred reviews from Publishers Weekly, Booklist, and Kirkus, and was selected as one of the best novels of the year by Kirkus Helsinki White was released to critical acclaim in 2012 The fourth book in the series, Helsinki Blood, was published in March, 2013 to rave reviews He was also a reviewer for The New York Journal of Books and held a Master s degree from The University of Helsinki The first three books in his Inspector Vaara series have been optioned for film.

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    1. Gruesome and grisly hard-boiled Nordic noir police procedural set in Finland’s far north.Author James Thompson (an American who lived in Finland for many years) adeptly describes a murder investigation in Finnish Lapland, in the country’s far north, which is actually in the Arctic Circle. The period is Kaamos, the dark period just before Christmas when the sun does not rise at all for a couple of weeks. This is traditionally a time of depression and alcoholic extreme as the stoic Finnish peo [...]

    2. James M. Thompson, an American author, is married to a Finnish lady, and they live in Finland, and so quite fittingly, he sets his gritty police procedural there. My wife is of Finnish extraction (in fact, a minor character in the novel shares her surname). Therefore I wanted to read Snow Angels. I've also exchanged several emails with Jim and I guest posted once on his weblog, Jimland, so we aren't strangers. At any rate, I was blown away by how Snow Angels excels on several levels: a sensitive [...]

    3. I was happy to find a new Scandinavian crime series – this one's set in Lapland (Finland) during kaamos, the two sunless weeks before Christmas. Given the setting and the echo of the author's name, I was hoping for something hard-boiled, juicy and joyless.I got the joyless. The book's received high praise (it's a Booklist best crime novel debut, and it sports fulsome blurbs from Michael Connelly and Peter Høeg). But I won't be coming back for any more of Inspector Vaara. The crimes are so lur [...]

    4. When I was small, one book made a particular, inordinate impression on me, out of all proportion to its literary merit, so much so that I still have it on my shelves. The book is The Smartest Bear in the World and his Brother Oliver. It's about a bear who schemes to stay up all winter reading every entry in his encyclopedia. Although the book's ostensible lesson is moderation in all things and tolerance for people, like brother Oliver, who don't like to read, the message *I* took from it--the ho [...]

    5. Tenso. Inteligente. Hipnotizante. Fantástico. Mistério complexo. Obra magistral. Todas estas palavras que descrevem este livro são mais que merecedoras. Adorei todos os pedacinhos que fala da cultura e sociedade finlandesas. A forma como é perpetrado o crime "principal". . . O outro realizado com um simples pneu e uma lata de gasolina de origem da África do Sul, macabro, mas que também sei que é uma maneira de assassínio no Brasil e por aí. . .Todo o enredo e a personagem principal, ele [...]

    6. Firstly, i have never been a big fan of the crime-thriller genre, but lately for a some reason i've been reading these, part of the blame goes to Lee Child (16 Jack Reacher books under the year). What got my attention was an American writer doing a Finnish crime-thriller book. Yeah, i'm from Finland and i actually live not so far from where this book is set, Kittilä.I always cringe in movies when a foreign films shows Finland scenes, there is snow, it's cold and a one wooden building. I was sur [...]

    7. This  story is from the shores of Finland a police procedural. The murder that starts the story is very brutal and the victim is a lady from an ethnic minority, she comes from a people who have lost their homeland to civil war, the author covers well their cultural practices and the religious rights of various parts of their religion. The murder brings out old wounds to the main protagonists life  and one main thorn in is side becomes his ex-wife. The main protagonist is a detective married to [...]

    8. Things I learned about Finland: Apparently it's dark all the time and people are always drunk. The main character is a typical fictional detective with a whiny pregnant (American) wife who apparently won't learn Finnish and is offended when people won't speak English to her - he loves her more than anything and between her bouts of complaining about being in Finland, we're not really given a reason why. He also has (yawn) a troubled, painful childhood. The mystery itself is pretty convoluted, wi [...]

    9. Lo primero que descubro de este nuevo autor para mi sorpresa es que falleció repentinamente en 2014, con sólo 50 años, y una brillante carrera profesional por delante. Descanse en paz.“Ángeles en la nieve” es un Nordic Noir, el primero del inspector Vaara. Nos sitúa en el Círculo Polar Ártico, en un pueblecito de Finlandia. Una bella inmigrante actriz somalí aparece brutalmente mutilada. ¿Delito de celos ó de odio racial? A través de los ojos del inspector, asistimos a una clase m [...]

    10. Stieg Larsson and Henning Mankell got me a while ago back into the never ending international crime, suspense, and thriller binge. And after seeing the selection in my local bookstores, I was amazed how even Icelandic authors are better represented than the Finns. Why? I'm not sure. They can't market their books? That surely, at least partly. Or they write only to people who know how everything works in Finland, where all the small cities are located, and who know what is normal for a Finn behav [...]

    11. Book Info: Genre: Mystery/NoirReading Level: AdultRecommended for: Fans of dark mysteries, stories set in Scandinavia, well-developed characters, well-done mysteriesTrigger Warnings: murder, hate-crime, sexual assault, use of racist and sexist language (n-word, w-word, and c-word), religious zealotryMy Thoughts: This is a very dark story. It seems that most murder mysteries set in Scandinavia are very dark, which is interesting considering how few murders overall are committed there. In fact, lo [...]

    12. I have only been to Finland in the spring, probably when life is at its most cheerful in that country. My friend and I looked around the small town we were staying in and decided that there is a good reason that so many heavy metal bands come from Finland: during the long winters, the parents look at their teenage sons and say, “Right, get yourself out to the garage and do something.” Thompson has captured the Scandinavian tone very well. Finland has obviously embraced him, identifying him a [...]

    13. 4,5*! O que se pode dizer de um livro que se lê em algumas horas? Só pode ser muito bom! O protagonista, o inspetor Kari Vaara, surge como uma personagem muito forte e, ao mesmo tempo, mostra toda a sua fragilidade, retrato de tudo o que já viveu. A trama está muito bem urdida e, para além de ser um excelente policial, caracteriza bastante a sociedade finlandesa. Não sei se este livro terá tido muito sucesso lá na Finlândia, já que o autor deixa a imagem de uns finlandeses xenófobos e [...]

    14. One of my goals over the next year is to extend my reading and try to read books set in various locations around the world, aside from the typical United States, England settings which seem to occur quite often. The book was one that I saw recommended on another reader's list, a murder mystery set in the northern part of Finland.I was pleasantly surprised by the novel, it was the first that I had read set in this part of the world, tightly written, and I didn't identify the killer until it came [...]

    15. I started this book last night and already it's right up there with the best crime novel's I've read. The writing is superb. It's drawn me in and has me totally hooked. The novel is set in Finland, a country I know absolutely nothing about but am enjoying immensely so far. James Thompson does amazing spirit of place and I'm feeling the ice, struggling through the cold and freezing my bits off along with the lead detective Kari, who comes over as an extremely intelligent, engaging cop. Married to [...]

    16. Gostei muito. Está bem escrito, sem “palha” e as personagens (vivas e mortas) e enredo estão bem estruturados. Achei bastante interessante “conviver” um pouco com a sociedade finlandesa.

    17. If you are primarily a crime fiction buff who thrives on putting pieces of the puzzle together in a case, then you will not be overly impressed with the outcome of this series debut. If (as I imagine) you have read countless novels on murder cases, you may wince at the immodest and implausible coincidences (even for a small town!) that occur. You will embrace the noir, Arctic atmosphere of Finland during its most glacial and darkest time of year, known as Kaamos, or polar night (as cold as -40 d [...]

    18. I can see why Snow Angels was short-listed for an Edgar Award and was selected as one of Booklist’s best Crime Novel Debuts! Finnish resident and American, James Thompson’s writing style is lean and sinewy and reflects the “Nordic Noir” atmosphere of the Finnish setting and his characters. I felt the bitter cold and desolation of the kaamos and its effects upon each of characters. The forensics and investigating techniques of Vaara and his small police force are well researched and are s [...]

    19. James Thompson’s SNOW ANGELS is filled with bad language, horrific details about mutilation, brutal murders, characters who are victims of their geography, and a culture about which most of us know very little. There is repeated use of a term that most Americans shun. I started reading and didn’t stop until I finished the book.I have to clarify that; I did skim the most lurid details but once the book is started, it is impossible to put it down. This is the first in a series of books featuri [...]

    20. “Instead of justice I got truth which was a poor substitute.”Audiobook. Definitely not a tourist brochure for Finland. Right up front we are told of the Finnish racism, hatred for foreigners, especially Germans, the cold, the lack of light in the winter, and their penchant for alcohol and killing loved ones.A Somali black movie star has been brutally murdered with a racial slur carved into her body The local inspector, Vaasa, married to an American ski resort manager, now pregnant with twins [...]

    21. A gruesome crime intertwined with a domestic drama where family members, past, present and departed play pivotal roles. Small town detective Kari Vaara is called out to the scene of murdered high profile Somali immigrant, Sufia Elmi. The crime, akin to the famous Black Dahlia resembles the same forced brutality yet this Finnish crime is no Ellroy noir. No truer to fact or fiction yet small linkages can be drawn. The body is mutilated, dubbed early on as a sex and hate crime, Vaara is forced to d [...]

    22. Considering that this garnered such high praise, I was expecting much, much better. Instead I got some trite nonsense coupled with gratuitous violence. I mean, alright, I did read a crime novel. So I guess the gratuitous violence should've been expected. However, I found it to be a bit ludicrous. The development of the case seemed really odd and unbelievable and jumped a lot of points. The writing lacked subtlety and twists that made it enjoyable.I also kind of hated that it was written by an Am [...]

    23. 4.0 StarsI really enjoyed reading this gripping, gritty mystery novel set in the dark winter of Finland. The writing was straightforward and easy to follow. The mystery itself was well written with enough twists to create a fast-paced story with plenty of narrative drive. This novel contains some very difficult and disturbing content, which may be triggering to sensitive readers. Thompson does not shy away from the gruesome aspects of murder.The author is an American born, currently living in Fi [...]

    24. Masterfully written that captures well this part of Finland, its peoples and the endless darkness.A horrific murder, a stretched police force and political pressures and place our "hero" Kari Vaara in an increasingly difficult situation. It threatens to undermine his marriage, family and wider friendships as he struggles to make sense of a case that refuses to crack open for him and his team.The back story is seamlessly woven into the present day and each element is made significant while making [...]

    25. Had I not won a “first reads” book by James Thompson, I might never have discovered him, and now I'm glad I have.This book is not the one I won, but since I am obsessive about reading books in order, I HAD to read this one first. Next is Lucifer's Tears.With this twisting mystery, I was not only introduced to a talented author, but to a whole new world and culture(or two), and to a very promising Inspector Vaara series. Thompson describes so well the depressive sunless cold of Finland during [...]

    26. Um policial muito bem pensado, com uma escrita simples, límpida, "sem tretas", como se costuma dizer. Este é um livro em que gostei de tudo. Desde a forma da escrita aos relatos sobre a sociedade finlandesa, não esquecendo os dramas humanos subjacentes a cada umas das personagens. Já para não mencionar o lado macabro dos crimes Direi até que, dentro da sua simplicidade, é uma das obras com melhor enredo que já li.

    27. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel which surprised me. I don't normally like anything set in the snow - whether it be kidnappings, murders it chase scenes. But I learned a lot about Finland and the Finnish people. It also had a nice juicy bloody murder or two to keep me happy :)

    28. Espectacular! Inteligente!Fui conduzido pelas páginas ficando agarrado desde o inicio.Um dos melhores livros que li, senão o melhor!Quem gosta de um bom policial, tem obrigatoriamente de ler este livro

    29. Um livro Muito, muito bom! :)Um policial violento que irá fazer as delícias dos seus apreciadores!!

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